Game ban (Lizard station) Again x5

this is ban is about a day early or two i don’t know, but i made it early cause i won’t be able to check on the banappeal so I made it a day early.

SS14 account:  Some_Random
Character name: Name : I don’t remember the name.
When was the ban:  ok so the ban was about 3 weeks ago, i was playing on Lizard station.
Your side of the story: Explain what happened in your own words.
Why you think you should be unbanned: why i think i should get this opportunity to be unbanned is i was upset about being maximum time brig’d and I lashed out i have been waiting on this ban appeal for a while Jeez, but i believe that i can bring back no more bad vibes just you know good ones it was uncool of me to say the N word (half way through.) I do believe that my ban appeal was seen and was taken to the obvious question will i do it again and the answer i have is no, I wouldn’t do it Again I said somthing i shouldn’t have and was fairly banned, the ban was fair and if i have to wait another week or even two weeks I will accept and wait until then, and yes I believe the ban was acceptable between anyone for what I said.
Anything else we should know:  i said the N word and i understand that the ban was fair so yes i do need to explain the things i did, stealth16 brought them up. 

as stealth pointed out 

“racial slurs, leaving during ahelps, and attempted ban evasion. You’re going to need a damn good appeal to get back in.”

The Racial slurs, I made a Bad point on my last Appeal I didn’t wait and yes i believe the racial slurs, ban was fair, but as i said in my first Ban appeal,

I left during Ahelp, Because it was my first time playing and i had barely 10 or 20 hours which i explained to moony.

and the Attempted ban evasion, that was my first time like i said to moony, that i didn’t understand bans, i am new to bans and haven’t really been banned from a server before unless its a different game.

Appeal denied because you appealed two days early.

You still haven’t put effort in to actually make your appeal readable. I want full sentences and somewhat correct capitalization. That’s all I’m asking for.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals