Game ban - using a bad word

Ban reason:  Racism , im sure is something related to using the N world when dying.
Length of ban: Perma-ban i guess, it says i need to appeal my ban in the forum.
Events leading to the ban: died and used the n word as my last word, tought it would be kinda funny since its a pretty taboo thing and we are in a space station with terrorists, cannibals and drug addicts.
Reason the ban should be removed: As a black person myself, i dont think a lot before saying the N word, I didnt knew the subject wa sensitive here, BUT, i will never use this kind of malicious talk again, im really hooked in SS14 and dont want to be banned for such a thing, i apologise for my actions and ask for forgivenes.

Admin consensus has been to deny this ban, we have a zero tolerance policy on racial slurs and being of any particular ethnicity in real life is not a licence to break rules in game and propagate hate speech online.
Appeal denied - You may appeal again in 2 weeks, no sooner than: 1/12/2023(1st December)

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