Game Ban

SS14 account: SomeTransRabbit
Character name: Vladmir Makarov
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Month
Reason for Ban: Self Anataging
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was passanger and stole stuff for funny and then set up AME to explode since Captain said the lobby was too quiet.  Then I posted it in story to see if admins do anything or not.  
Why you think you should be unbanned: I ain’t gonna do it again, and just stick to doing jobs correctly and not self antaging. 
Anything else we should know: I haven’t been getting calm nice or polite admins at all if you’re wondering why I’ve been a dick <3

Just now, SomeTransRabbit said:

I was passanger and stole stuff for funny 

Not a valid excuse


1 minute ago, SomeTransRabbit said:

set up AME to explode since Captain said the lobby was too quiet

Seriously? This is blatant self-antaging, doesn’t matter if it’s quiet or not, it’s still self antag


3 minutes ago, SomeTransRabbit said:

calm nice or polite admins

I want to know what your definition of “calm, nice and polite” is.

1 minute ago, eclips_e69 said:

Not a valid excuse

-everyone does it, but sure I’ll stop doing that too

Seriously? This is blatant self-antaging, doesn’t matter if it’s quiet or not, it’s still self antag

-I know it was, I just didnt know what else to do, now I know not to

I want to know what your definition of “calm, nice and polite” is.
-not being hostile or snarky


You have three previous bans not including this one for self-antagging. It’s hard to believe you’re going to ‘know not to’ after this one, especially with comments like this:


Why should we believe that this behavior will stop at all?

No this is my only one, I had 3 WARNINGS before this which are all different reasons.  
That was sarcasm because of the admin hostility, I said I won’t; meaning I won’t

I’ll just disappear after this, I did my time, I learned what not to do, I ain’t gonna do it, I won’t ever talk to y’all ever again so you don’t have to worry about me, just I’ll like to have my account unbanned pleasei


Here’s my problem. Every single time you get warned for doing something wrong, you find an “excuse”, or attempt to diminish what you did incorrectly.

From your ahelps:

“In my defense, he did steal cap’s stuff”

“I didn’t kill them”, you only disposaled them

“Good thing I’m a chemist and not a fucking doctor”

From your discord messages:



In preparation for your response of “Well those are from the past, you can’t bring them up for right now”, you don’t appear to have changed at all, which is what we’re looking for before you come back into the game. And don’t say that you’ve changed, demonstrate it in your behavior.

Alright I will

Address our concerns in this thread, not in my DMs.

You said it your problem man, but sure here we go

I take the blame to the first and second, I’ll do better
3rd, yeah iimma chemist not a doc, i didnt carry any pills on me
4th, yeah I was since yall were, but now Im trying my very very very best to stay happy and loving to you admins xoxo
5th, point being?

i’d like to have my account now pretty please, i’ll do better 

any day now, response response response

Please be patient. Appeals often require internal admin discussion. Rest assured, your appeal is being processed, but constantly hurrying the admins will make your case worse.

I love how the newbie said it and not the actual admins

Ban discussions/appeals take more than a few minutes to review and as such, responses to these threads are not always going to be immediate, even if you continually post asking for an update. When we have a response for you that is worth an update, we will post it here. You’re welcome to play on other SS14 servers that aren’t hosted by Wizden in the meantime.

Due to your behaviour in regards to your appeal, how you have treated the admin team and finally your inability to take responsibility for your own actions, we have decided that we will be turning your ban into a voucher ban, this means in order for any future appeal to be considered valid you will in fact require a voucher from an ss13/14 server to confirm your attitude and behaviour has changed. 

The main factors regarding this decision are:

  • Your admitted ignoring of the rules.
  • Your attitude towards the admin who originally spoke to you.
  • Your attitude towards the admins in this thread.
  • Your attempts to reach admins through manners which are stated to not be used for unban appeals.
  • The fact you cannot accept fault for most of your rule breaks.
  • The impatience regarding the appeal leading to: direct messaging staff members, repeatedly bumping your own appeal and even passive aggression towards the admins.
  • Your overall behaviour during this appeal.
  • Finally we don’t believe your in game behaviour will improve and as a result view you as a negative player.


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