Game Suggestions

Since we’re all gamers I’d bet we could do some nice game suggestions for each other!

mine are Outer Wilds and Rain World

Synthetik and Noita are two pretty great games


rimworld, factorio, project zomboid, the autism holy trinity.

Hitman 3, Stellaris, Hollow Knight Randomizer, Barotrauma and CSGO are my runner ups

stellaris got trolled by p*radox


game is literally too good imo and the modding community is just a W cherry on top 


Go in blind.
Solve the puzzles yourself.
Its amazing.

Very short game, honestly my favorite game probably ever made.

Subnautica and Death’s Door

I’ve recently gotten into Noita as well. Fully suggest it. Infuriating but fun as hell! 

Hotline Miami and the Hit Sequel™ Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Sky: Children of the Light is like Journey as it was made by the same studio, but is more focused on social interactions and cosmetics. Laid back gaming for wholesome gamers (currently free on ios, android, ps4 and switch, coming to pc soon™)

Otherwise lego star wars 😈

starbound with lego game stud sounds mod

Celeste just made me fucking cry Madeline is so real everyone play this goddamn game

re-core, psychonauts, noita, chivalry 2, outer wilds

Heat Signature is a pretty fun Sci-Fi stealth/combat game about infiltrating spaceships to carry out missions, liberate stations, and finish your personal goal.

Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies  I enjoy for the theme and resource management of running a tight ship/train. It involves a lot of reading and several playthroughs to get in the flow of the game though.

Griftlands  is a deck-building roguelike RPG I enjoy just because that’s where I learned how to build a good card deck in the first place, followed by  Dominion , which is the OG deck-building game of scoring as many victory points by building the most unbalanced stack ever.