geekyhobo - Fidddlebug - Unwarranted Boink

Subject: geekyhobo

Policies or Expectations Violated: Admin Policy “Do not interfere unless you are needed.

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Detailed Summary: I was boinked/admin messaged for what i believe was a unfair and unecessary reason, and when i asked in the discord about whether i was actually violating any rules or not i was told that whether what i did or not is punishable depends on context, and was pointed to Staff Complaints. I do not believe the context in which i did it was worthy of a boink.

I was specifically boinked for “Stunning and Cuffing the Paramedic” , and told that i shouldn’t do that. This, of course, confuses me alot, since violence isn’t strictly against the rules and i did not maim or otherwise harass the paramedic further beyond that. Specifically, what i did was just get their suit so i could enable their coords, and then put it back on and let them go.

The full context of why this even happened is: I was Clown, and HoP had enacted “The Clowning”. That is, anyone who does not enable their coords will be given a warning to do so, threatening to unleash the Clown on them if they do not do so, and granting the Clown acess to their department for this reason. The paramedic Kira Naur  (presumably the one who Ahelped me) was amongst one of the people who did not comply. So HoP, and notably the Captain too, sanctioned my mission to Clown on the offenders until they enabled coords.

In the middle of this “Clowning”, i saw the paramedic run by and into maints. Now, up until that point, i’m pretty sure the paramedic had been dead silent on radio, and likely ignoring their medbay staffmates who were surely begging them to turn on their coords in medbay frequency so that the clowning would be lifted from medbay. Yet, their coords were still off last i knew, and they kept skulking into maints doing god knows what, so i thought “fuck it, this is my chance. If they won’t enable their coords willingly i’l do it for them” and so i chased them with my baton (granted to me by Sec Officer Aurora earlier, for the sake of enacting the Clowning; Wich i remind you was directly sanctioned by HoP and indirectly by the  Captain who if i recall never said anything against it or maybe even agreed to it, i don’t recall.), stunned them, cuffed them (also given to me), and took off their suit just to enable their coords on and then put it back on. I also additionally put on a Clown mask on them since they were “a clown for not enabling coords like they were kindly asked to”, as i thought. I did not maim, loot, or otherwise harass them beyond just forcefully enabling coords using stun baton. Notably, the HoP helped me during the entire process and actually did most if not all of the stripping part and had joined me when i began chasing her into maints. I then released the Paramedic (who had been dead silent the entire time strangely. Retroactively, i theorize that she immediatelly started ahelping the instant i baton’d her wich in that case wow really?).

I then proceeded with the round until i got boinked a bit later (i snipped the entire conversation and will attach it) and basically told that batoning and cuffing the Paramedic is “No good as non antag” which i’m… very confused about? Nowhere in the rules does it say that Violence, batons included, are not allowed. It just says that you shouldn’t kill people or hide their bodies to get them removed from the round as non-antag, which i did not do. Granted, the “no self antag” rule IS somewhat vague, so i’ve no choice but to judge it with common sense and i’ve judged that this boink is bullshit; Afterall, all i did was take like 30 seconds of her time to forcefully enable her coords, wich she can undo in a single click right after. It barely had any impact. I’d also argue that it was properly escalated since the Paramedic had been ignoring radio, scurrying around in maints the entire time, refusing to do as requested and did not even pause and stop when me and HoP were obviously chasing her; So talking obviously wasn’t going to work; If i recall, it was Blue alert at the time too, but i may be wrong. I’d also say it wasn’t validhunting since i never went on a manhunt on her and just acted when she happened to pass by me and give me an opportunity and then left her afterwards; Plus i had no idea whether she was antag or not, i was just doing the round’s gimmick of being a Clown who makes sure people enable their coords and using the tools given to me to do so. It was just supposed to be average Clown shenanigans. It’s also worthy of note that the Paramedic kept threatening to shoot me after the event (in one instance, just for honking her with the bike horn), so if anything she was the one escalating shit unnecessarily. In hindsight, she might have been antag, but that would barely change anything as far as i know anyway (Do correct me if i’m wrong about any of this since i’m still confused about this whole situation).

The “this whole coords thing is borderline self antag” part of this also exists but i’m not here to argue about that nor have i debated about it to myself. I’m just here for the “don’t baton people” part since it’s what i believe is outright bullshit and it’s what i was seemingly boinked for mainly.

I think that’s all. I genuinely believe this was not something worthy of getting boinked over, since nowhere in the rules do i directly violate something as far as i’m aware and when i analyze the context what i did seems fine, and is just regular clown shenanigans. Thus, i’m complaining about the Admin that boinked me, and hopefully getting some  clarification on my actions and whether this was just or not. Should i be wrong, then i will not press this issue further. This might not matter but i’l note it anyway just to not omit things and come off as withholding info; I was later told to “stop malding in LOOC” by the same admin later for, well, malding in LOOC about it. Truth be said, yeah i was malding about it. I mean, i just got boinked for what i’m pretty sure was an IC issue that did not violate any rules and could have been easily handled in IC, so i was understandably a bit i miffed; Though this doesn’t justify malding in LOOC anyway which i’m aware of.

The HoP, Sec and Captain enabling me may be a bit dubious but that’s beyond what i’m here for.

I believe the round was #47130, in Vulture. I was Greg Hamundsen the Clown , and the main related individuals are Geekyhobo the Admin and Kira Naur (username unknown) the paramedic. Attached are the Ahelp messages, sans the part where the admin told me to stop malding; I didn’t snip that one since i thought it wouldn’t have any significance. I already admitted i was indeed malding in LOOC anyway; For a very short moment with someone else, and that’s it.

Thank you for your time and patience!





Boink 3.JPG

oh yeah, about the “i didn’t maim her” part i forgot to note that i did actually punch her exactly once in defiance because she threatened to shoot me if i follow her again after i uncuffed her
i don’t think that matters much but again i won’t omit it just in case so i don’t come off wrong

EDIT: I don’t know why most of the post’s text is colored in bordo and not just white, and it’s annoying me because that looks hard to read

This complaint has been accepted.

  • Geekyhobo was a trialmin at the time of the incident.
  • The incident was discussed with trialmin mentors.
  • The mentors shared feedback with Geeky as a result of this.