GeekyHobo - Making a mess = Self Antag?

Subject: GeekyHobo

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it’s processed: Yes

Policies or Expectation Violated: Claiming that making a mess is Self-Antaging

Round: Lizard #47649

Detailed Summary:  I was playing as Kameron Cook the Clown. at the start of the round I made a honkbot, and then Sec murdered it withought warning them first or asking warden/ hop  so I had an ingame reason to not like them (rule 13) I spent the round slipping and messing with the cadets who did it, and throwing pies at the captain just normal clown stuff. Also taking their gear because they were open carrying and throwing it away from them and never used it on them. I ended up getting shot by them a few times and beat with stun batons that were turned off instead of using disablers or non lethal so my character definitely had grudges towards them. A greytider approached me with a booze-o-matic that they hacked, and we decided to make a huge mess in front of sec with it as revenge. I was then Bwoinked by GeekyHobo and told that my big mess I made was “Self-Antaging”. Of course I stopped and took it here instead as not to waste either of our time. unfortunately I never actually got the rule number, and all I was told was I was being annoying… It is extremely easy to clean messes that’s what janitors exist for, and no one was hurt at all. there was even a first time Jani who easily cleaned up the mess no problem. Claiming that making a Big mess that only slows you down is “annoying”  and therefore is Self- Antaging is completely and utterly ridiculous. 


This complaint is rejected. 


  1. Security was originally arresting you since you were slipping half a dozen people and flushing an unconscious person down disposals.
  2. They chased you long enough that you stole a baton and a gun and more or less forced them to escalate to a higher level of security. They also destroyed the honkbot because it was also slipping security, and you can’t detain it.
  3. After security dealt with your initial arrest, you spent the entirety of the shift messing with security. You covered the entire front hallway of security in substances that slowed them down; you helped aid syndicate members in avoiding arrest by throwing banana peels at officers on code blue, stopping them from chasing suspects. 

Resulting Action
Geekyhobo was a trialmin at the time of this event, and did correctly point out you were in self antagging territories. You only received a warning for this, and did not receive a note.