Geekyhobo - Request for Datacenter Unban for VPN Connection

SS14 account username: geekyhobo

Ban reason: Datacenter Ban
Date of ban: N/A
Length of ban: Perm I guess
Events leading to the ban: N/A
Reason the ban should be removed: As you can see from my playtime I like to play the game. For context I live on a military base on the eastern coast of the US. Recently around the time I last played a round (Last April/ Early may ~) our firewall configuration was updated to meet some new standards, thus blocking all connections to game servers not just SS14. However I have been able to play other games using a VPN connection. I obviously tried to connect to the SS14 servers using the VPN and was met with the datacenter ban screen. As it said that the ban might be lifted due to special circumstances I decided to appeal. I appreciate any considerations. 

We’ve investigated this case and you’ve been granted an exemption. The exemption should allow you to bypass most datacenter bans.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals