GenoFista - All SEC Roles Roleban

SS14 account username: GenoFista
Role(s): All SEC roles.
Date of ban: 17/01/2023
Length of ban: Permanently
Events leading to the ban: I joined in Warden role, just locking some important doors, grabbing some deployable barricades and putting them up on an estrategic way, lend a wrench for HOS, and them I sit to watch the monitors. Suddenly an Officer comes to me with a stripped guy with just a helmet, so I asked him “what did he do?”, Officer said “This guy been arrested for 205, for showing disrespect”, “he didn’t wear anything”, “and lost his damn PDA”. “That’s not good” I’ve said, I continued to talk with the Officer trying to get all information about the case I can get, when the Officer asked him where he lost his uniform and PDA, the man said “I didn’t have it when I spawned and was beaten up”. I assumed that was a lie, because everyone spawns with a PDA, and then I said “6 minutes”, “hooliganism and resistence”, Officer complained about the low sentence “Bro”, “it’s is nearly 20 minutes”, and I responded “No, it doens’t”, and then I laughed. It passed like 2 minutes, the guy who was in jail turned into a solo nukie, and then I think to myself “admeme”, so I opened up the armory, and then we fought with him. We ended up winning, but I got ahelped by an admin asking why he was in jail, and then I explained (All Ahelp history will be on the attached files), while everyone was screaming “NUKIES” on the radio, I tryied to calm them down saying “So this what happened, admin got mad at me for setence a guy for hooliganism”(I know this is Icky Ocky stuff, but it was the only way to make everyone understand that the threat was not nukies. My mistake, I apologize). So some admin blow my character up into pieces saying “No icky ocky stuff ingame”, and then I had a discussion with the admins and I got rolebanned from all SEC roles.
Reason the ban should be removed: Most the time I played on the server, it was in a SEC role, I’ve never had trouble with an admin before, neither got ahelped by “giving the wrong setence”, or that type of stuff, everyone that works on Brig with me aways say that I do a pretty good job on doing the Warden role. I have two monitors, so I leave Space Law open in one, and play in the other. I really don’t think that what I did is permabanable, just the icky ocky stuff before I’ve died, that’s understandable, but don’t is a “great threat to the game”. I wish to continue doing the SEC roles, all of them. 








Also I forgot that your calendars are not the same as mine, so 17/01 would be 01/17

This feels pretty open and shut. A player had his jumpsuit stolen and instead of helping him get another jumpsuit you sentenced him to brig. That is not good security play.

I dislike how you initially justified the brigging as hooliganism. The user in question claimed to have their clothes stolen. That is hardly hooliganism. Even if you do not believe them, the correct course of action would be to supply them with clothes and, if you’re feeling generous, a new PDA. Space Law, as detailed on our wiki, does not apply to our LRP servers. But even if it did, I don’t think this was an applicable use of Space Law, as Hooliganism as written applies to “malicious disruption”, and being the victim of a robbery is not malicious disruption. On the launcher, the MRP server is marked MRP, which (in my opinion) should infer that the other servers are _not _MRP- but I do agree with you that this could be made more clear. Regardless this was not a good application of Space Law even if it did apply to the situation, and the ruling is correct. The decision to permanently ban you from security roles makes sense considering that you doubled down on your insistence that punishing a player for being robbed was the correct course of action.

I encourage you to continue playing. You may appeal again in two weeks.

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