Ghazghkullmagurukthraka . I got banned for: Mistimed an edgy joke

ghazghkullmagurukthraka : ‘‘Gas the jews’’ antismitism
Hello, so like I was atmos for the first time, waiting in the shuttle and I wanted to make a joke about being atmos. You know the guys who are making gas and stuff.  I don’t know if you saw the meme of sponge bob who shout: I said I wanted a glass of juice not gas the jews! BUT the issue is  english is not my first langage and talking in ss14 is kinda challenging when you are in a conversation with someone else. So I try to write thing really quickly,  when I was writing: I said I wanted a glass of jue… (I write jue instead of juice because I’m french) …not gas the jews, I pressed enter when I wrote: glass of jue, not______. missing the punchline. Trying to correct my mistake, I quickly wrote back: Gas the jews!. So yes, out of context if someone just look what I’ve just said, they might have thought I was just saying let’s gas the jews.

The reason I think I should get unban (or at least get a temporary ban not perma) it’s because, to start, a admin told me ‘‘to not say that again’’ and was meant to be a warning, I understood and said I was sorry for what I’ve said. Second of all, it wasn’t in my true intention to offend anybody, I am not really part of that anti-jew ideology. It wasn’t meant to be taken as a hate speech and I understand that it wasn’t the best idea at the first place. I take responsibility of my action, which is why I would accept a temporary ban, even if it’s for months. I have learned from my mistake and I promise to behave better. I really like this game and its community and I feel ashamed that my behavior kicked me from it.

Yeaaaaah I get the joke and understand it but this probably wasn’t the best place to tell it to be honest… you run the risk of offending when telling potentially offensive jokes-

Which probably caused the ban.

I agree and understand, but I really loved this game. I’m just sad that I could not play anymore. Im just really sorry and I feel that I lost over 100 hours of progress when I came back to my computer and saw that I got the ban. Reset my account or give me a 6 month ban I dont really care, I just want to play with my friend. My behavior was out of the ordinary, it was the only joke that could be qualified as hate speech in those hundred of hour, so the punishment felt too harsh for me when, without repeating the offence after the warning, I got banned

The admin team has decided to accept this ban. Please avoid similar jokes in the future.

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