Gibbles64 - Attempting to enforce perma prisoners into indentured servitude

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SS14 account: Gibbles64
Character name: Kei lo
Type of Ban: Game
Date of Ban and Duration: Appeal only 
Reason for Ban: “multiple reports of running a slave farm, DO NOT RUN SLAVE FARMS.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I’ve played this game a lot, I’ve played most rolls in various moral compasses. Kind HoS - Vindictive clowns - Apathic chemist, so I wanted to try a Backwards-Sec-off. I could see this RP being “tasteless”, I just didn’t find the idea that different from “Prison RP servers” on Gmod. Also understand, I had no prisoners, I was going to obtain my involuntarily subjugated from PERMA, so I had basically made a much bigger perma with more tools and chances for prisoners to escape. (I even had multiple space suits collected, electronics and massive tools). I wanted to create a interesting moment where Perma prisoners had to tip toe around a strange man to make an escape into space. I will say, I am sorry for killing the chaplain whom did not like the idea of the farm. I should have said something like “I’m a villain, not a monster.” and kicked him out. - this is a copy from the last appeal. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: The reason for ban is not accurate, as I only planned to place perma prisoners into servitude, I had absolutely no captives nor had attempted to. Also it was only 1 report from the Chaplin. Which I do profusely apologize for killing.

I’m an excellent medic and chemist, A very Kind and innovative HoS, I like to fill sec with as many lawyers as possible to make sure due process is in order, and sentence people to community service rather than time, and take time to talk out with prisoners. Some in Sec even know me as “The Drip Lord”. I’m a fair HoP too. I love adding lively events to rounds as service and passenger.
Anything else we should know: I want this to be very clear, I was doing this for RP reasons, I was no making this about race, species, gender, in or out of game. I just wanted to find a new interesting way to be a part of sec, and play with a group a people that are typically shoved into a comer and forgotten. 

Also I completely understand ya’ll for banning me for this, if ya don’t want people doing this kinda thing on your server, I get it. It just hard to know the “culture” of this game sometimes and where the line is drawn - especially since I witnessed A man auctioned off on nyanotrasen not a day after this incident. (pic for proof) 

Inb4 “go play on nyanotrasen if you wanna own slaves” I don’t wanna own slaves. that’s not my point, reiterating it’s a little confusing coming of SS13, and other servers, and knowing what is and isn’t okay here.


7 hours ago, Gibbles64 said:

It just hard to know the “culture” of this game sometimes and where the line is drawn - especially since I witnessed A man auctioned off on nyanotrasen not a day after this incident

We are not nyanotrasen. We do not care what you saw there or what the server culture on nyanotrasen is. That would be unacceptable here. What transpires on nyanotrasen is completely irrelevant to your ban on wizards den.

Yeah, I understand that.

For the record that’s not allowed on Nyano either.

 somebody should let them know that.

11 hours ago, Gibbles64 said:

 somebody should let them know that.

Alright, with Stealth16’s blessing…

  1. You said this was ‘not a day later’ but the screenshot is from around a week after your ban at least. (Sept 30? to Oct 5)
  2. The screenshot shows a player that’s been disconnected for a long time someone renamed the ID card of. Their ID card was renamed after they disconnected. You were the only other person to examine the ID card that round, and didn’t report it, so you can’t expect other things that happen at 4:30 am with barely anyone on to be policed if you are the only other person that knows about it and don’t report it.
  3. You are comparing some joker taking a few seconds to rename a disconnected player’s ID (which, to be clear, they shouldn’t have done) to an RP situation which involved a bunch of people actually playing the game, as well as (I presume) at least a good few minutes of effort making the construction changes.
  1. Sure.
  2. How could I have known all that.
  3. I saw a man who was tagged to be auctioned off, I simply assumed what anyone would assume; that someone sold him. 

All this is neither here nor there, as Stealth16 said " What transpires on nyanotrasen is completely irrelevant to your ban on wizards den."

I just want the conversation on topic. I’m dearly sorry for murdering the Chaplin as Sec-off.

I won’t be doing any possibly offensive things on your server. 

I do like that you guys discourage speciesism (cover for racism typically) and other lack luster aspects about SS13 servers. 


Hey Gibbles64,

This is the second time we have voted on this ban. The banning admin suggested I take a good crawl through the logs to obtain some more context for this entire escapade. As to not give you the impression we are basing this choice on the fact we already denied this once, I found some very interesting information in the logs that I’d like to share here to support our choice.

  1. You intentionally avoided using the word “slave” throughout this second appeal, then try to prop up the defense that the ban reason is not accurate because you wanted “servitude” and not “slaves”. I find this weird because you are absolutely the first person to bring the word “slave” into the mix when you describe your plan to the Chaplain (this is in reverse chronological order).


  1. Next, you try to convince the Chaplain (who is busy attempting to play their own round and do their own thing) that what you want to do is a good idea and continually try to convince them of such. The chaplain manages to deflect you for approximately 10 minutes as you continually bother them while they are going about their own business.

  2. You decide to forcibly stun/cuff the Chaplain and start beating them to ‘convince’ them to let you run a slave farm in the Chapel which they were using to grow apples. This goes on for the next five to ten minutes, while you lock them in the back while they’re still handcuffed. The Chaplain is, understandably, frustrated that some crooked Security Officer is beating them to death because they want to use the Chapel for a slave farm and they are not on board with the idea. The Chaplain suicides if only to not have to engage you in conversation any longer.

  3. At this point, an administrator intervened and killed you. Your last three dead chat messages were “it can be funni, it has potential”. 


  1. While you were trying to “convince” the Chaplain, they sent multiple LOOC messages indicating to you that what you were attempting to do was extremely off-color and that you were, for lack of a better phrase, being a complete dickhead by taking them out of the round to do your gimmick as security. You reply to the question of “why are you trying to run a slave farm” with; “because I wanted to do it. duh hoy? what was your rhyme or reason to being a chaplain?”


Myself and the Wizard’s Den administration all had a look at this. The primary issue we had at first was your terrible choice of gimmick (running a slave farm/servitude/whatever you decide to call it). Now with more information, we do not believe for even a moment that this was an accident, something taken out of context, a moment of going just a little to far, or a mistake of knowing what is and is not allowed on the server.

You intentionally went out of your way to seek out the Chaplain and harass them to try and get them on  board with your terrible choice of gimmick. When the Chaplain naturally refused, you decided to forcibly try and make them comply. When the Chaplain expressed distaste at why you would do that, you mocked them in LOOC. To boot, you did this all as a Security Officer.

I myself am embarrassed I did not give your first appeal the look into the logs it deserved. This appeal is  denied  and it has been collectively decided to upgrade you to a voucher ban. You may only appeal this ban in three months from now (01/13/2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.


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