Gibbles64 - Attempting to start a slavefarm in chapel


SS14 account: Gibbles64.
Character name: Kei Lo.
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 9/28/2022
Reason for Ban: “Multiple reports of running a slavefarm, DO NOT RUN SLAVEFARMS.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I’ve played this game a lot, I’ve played most rolls in various moral compasses. Kind HoS - Vindictive clowns - Apathic chemist, so I wanted to try a Backwards-Sec-off. I could see this RP being “tasteless”, I just didn’t find the idea that different from “Prison RP servers” on Gmod. Also understand, I had no prisoners, I was going to obtain my involuntarily subjugated from PERMA, so I had basically made a much bigger perma with more tools and chances for prisoners to escape. (I even had multiple space suits collected). I wanted to create a interesting moment where Perma prisoners had to tip toe around a strange man to make an escape into space. I will say, I am sorry for killing the chaplain whom did not like the idea of the farm. I should have said something like “I’m a villain, not a monster.” and kicked him out.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I had no prisoners, and the worst thing I did was unjustly killing the Chaplin for not complying. Which I recognize. 
I’m an excellent Medic and I feel like I make an even better HoP. I just like to come in the game with a new Idea every time if I can; I guess this just kinda crossed the line. Which I knew I was tie toe-ing doing it.
Anything else we should know: I was NOT making this a racial thing, in or out of game. Very important. 
appeal, include it here.

Hey Gibbles64,

Staff consensus is to  deny  this appeal. This idea you had was extremely tasteless and in poor form, and something tells me that your subconscious secretly whispered that you were probably crossing a line doing it. Furthermore, by your own admission in this appeal, you murdered the Chaplain as a Security Officer, which is also absolutely not okay. Security’s supposed to keep the station running smoothly and protect the crew, not trying to run ‘slave farms’ out of prisoners in Perma.

Appeal again in a week (10/08/2022).

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