gis_HATH - Inappropriate Word Usage

Length of ban : Appeal

Events leading to the ban: I didn’t have my own internet at the time because I just moved so I used my friends WIFI for the time being on my laptop. My PC was still in the process of being moved to my location so the Laptop was what I would use to play this game. Given that this happened on another device while I was not present and most likely  working out or at work I cannot give the exact time and date of the incident. And given that these few months have also been really time crunching for me work wise I haven’t been able to deal with this any sooner than now. 


Reason the ban should be removed :  Well for starters I do not find Racial Slurs acceptable Nor do I find them entertaining or funny and using them in public is a bad practice and could get me fired from my job. And let me make myself clear when I say this (I did not use any such words or will I ever use these words because I find them Childish and Insensitive to my loved ones and everyone else around me that I associate with.) I had stated earlier that I didn’t have Wifi because I had just recently moved out to another location with limited Wifi options so for the time being I asked my friend if I could use his internet. He noticed that I played this game and had asked me if he could play it at times and I allowed it not knowing what he would do when I’m not around. So when I went to play on my ACTUAL PC  I found that I was banned and seeing the reason  I knew it could have only been him. After confronting him and showing the evidence he admitted what he had did and said it was just a joke and he didn’t think it would have been so serious. So to everyone that views this I apologize and I don’t want to be seen as this type of person because I am not.  I love this game and I love the idea of not knowing what’s going to happen next it’s soo much fun and I hope that this BAN can be appealed and lifted. 

I am truly sorry and embarrassed and I accept the responsibility behind any actions given by the Admins.

After placing this to a vote amongst the admin team, We have decided that we are not satisfied with this appeal. 

The excuse that “my friend was on my account” is one that is often used amongst many different games and titles, and rarely constitutes any meaningful deffense. 

As the account owner, You are solely responsible for actions taken on this account under your name. 
Given this, We have decided to deny this appeal at this time. 

You may re-appeal no sooner than two weeks from now, on the 20th of january 2024. 

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