[?] - GitHub Ban? - SweptWasTaken

I know i’m not following the template but there simply isn’t one for GitHub bans.

On the official space-station-14 repository I can’t comment on my or anyone else’s pull requests. I’m not really sure why this is happening but i’m assuming i’ve been banned.

I’d just like to know why I was banned since I have only ever submitted constructive pull requests to the repository and haven’t even been active since Feb 10th, which was the date of my last pull request before I went AFK due to work.

Thanks, Swept

Hi Swept,
you were banned from the Github repo as part of your general ban from the official SS14 project spaces due to your conduct, I believe specifically the Github ban was delayed just from us missing it at the time, so it’s not a separate ban due to anything on Github itself.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals

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