Global Forum Rules

= Global Forum Rules =

  1. Don’t be a dick, and use common sense.
        * People are allowed to have opinions different from your own. You can disagree with someone without being a
           hostile asshole.

  2. Be civil. No harassment or offensive/abusive/hate speech content.
        * This includes “this is so offensive it’s clearly satire”.

  3. No griefing, spamming or intentionally derailing discussions. Peanut-posting in important forums like ban appeals or complaints will get you punished.

  4. NSFW content is allowed ONLY in the context of certain discussions.
        * This leeway is granted if it’s in the context of an existing discussion and correctly spoiler tagged.

  5. Do not post anything that is illegal to upload in your area or is illegal to host in the USA.

  6. This is primarily an english-speaking community. Do not hold discussions or makes posts in languages other than English.

Whenever this post is updated, there will be a timestamp.

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