Goldenthenerd - staging a coup against HOP and Captain

SS14 account: goldenthenerd
Character name: Weston Omri
Type of ban: Job ban (HoS)

Date of ban and duration: 5/6/2022, 3.5 days
Reason for ban: Staging a coup against HOP and captain (no ban screen, but this was pretty clearly stated)

Server on which ban occurred: Lizard 

My side of the story: Basically all round long, captain and HoP were neglecting duties and instead just kinda doing whatever they felt like, which is fine. But modifying armory without asking, selling our nuke to traders, and also (according to CE, I understand if this evidence isn’t good enough) stealing backup boards without asking CE in advance, and generally just being unprofessional. A lot of the crew was fed up, and I asked the warden and rest of sec to stage a coup so we could finally get the station back on track again. Coup kinda goes okay, then I get a message from Ahelp that coup’s should not happen, and at the very worst, captain or HoP should only be permabrigged in the worst cases of murder or breaking the general sec rules. After a short talk, I called off the coup before being bombed. I was generally confused, thinking that if the captain was unfit for leading the crew, and generally being a nuisance, we could at least do something about it. 

Reason for being unbanned: I understand now that I messed up bad, I realized that part of being sec is knowing that no matter how much the rest of the crew gets under your skin, you must still remain professional and non-lethal, which I failed to do so. I will try and restrain myself in the near future, along with any other security officers who get similar ideas, no matter how unorthodox chain of command may get. Furthermore, I saw similar actions during the following round from sec, with some screenshots attached for proof, and I’d like to know the difference between what I did and what they did at the very least. I fully acknowledge that this ban is rather short, and may not be revoked, I’m simply asking for it to at be shortened at the very least, mostly because I wanted to hang out here on the weekend, but I can understand if that’s a bit much to ask.







Ok so to get this out of the way: You cannot use someone else breaking the rules as evidence in your ban appeal. We will ignore it.   Someone else’s mistakes do not justify yours.

Fair enough, I understand. I’m still new to this since first ban, heh.

The ban has expired. Be good

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