Gregend(mag dumped a person who shoved me and the i shoved the body into disposals as a nonantag sec.arguing in ahelp

reason of ban:mag dumped a person who shoved me and the i shoved the body into disposals as a nonantag sec.arguing in ahelp

length of ban :10084mins and expires at dec 18 2023 at 4:10am

events leading to the ban:i was a sec assistant when ultimately some clown spiders caused red alert and i was constally on fight or flight mode and killing or trying to kill the spiders,after the whole thing almost resolved i ran in some vents i heard some noices so i decided to check and i was 3-4 people playing and a spider so my instict was to kill that spider as i was hitting it the people told me it was their friends so i stopped and as i was leaving one guy followed me and even after i stopped and looked he kept comming closer so i told him to go away which he didnt answer so when he came close i shot once he tried to dodge was unsuccesfull and kept comming closer so i shot again to which he got hit again and so he left i followed him to see if he was ok and why he was comming pressuming he tried to fight me about the spider he shoved me and so i shot him once more killing him,after a while when we got to evac waitting room some people were keep telling me over and over about what i did and why i did it so i was so over i threw him in the trash and flushed him out to which then i got a message from an admin asking me about the situation and althought i tried reasoning with him his points were invalid he didnt elaborate to which i said my actions were inconsequential and wouldnt matter as the round was seconds before it was over to which he didnt reply and he only 2-3 seconds latter banned me with last words being “bye”

reason of appeal: i feel that first of all this discusion was favoring me and in an attempt of getting things done the admin didnt try to reason with me or discuss anything despite his initial text althought i am not mad im deeply disaponted in the staff and the way they handle situations and drag them out making them seem worse or something bigger than what they are,for the appeal i dont expect a lot it would mean something for me if you took time to read all this and maybe if not unban then reduce it to some extend closing i would still expect an apollogy from the mod that said the bye as i was insulted feeling i was talking to a brickwall that just fell on me but in either case know that im not expecting anything im not mad and would appreciate and answer

I have reviewed this appeal and decided to accept your appeal on this occasion under the speedy appeal guidelines. I will however suggest that you familiarise yourself with our rules regarding self-antag as we do have standards for roleplay which makes sure that everyone enjoys the game. In future you should not be putting anyone that is dead in disposals as a non antag especially as a security officer which we hold to higher roleplay standards.

I will be keeping your role ban in place but I will be removing your game ban immediately.

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