Gtheglorious - Sailz: Rule 10 Powertrip

Subject: Gtheglorious

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it’s processed: Yes

Policies or Expectation Violated: Rule 10 Power Trip 

Detailed Summary: My character is a Diona which is a space plant person. As a Plant person I wanted a plant-like name as you could imagine any plant person would. So I picked the name “Firn” named after the Fern plant which is a very well known plant but I switched the “E” for an “I” just incase someone else named their Diona Character “Fern” and made it feel more unique. The Admin Gtheglorious is claiming that my name “Firn” with an “I” not an “E” is breaking the rules from media part of rule 10 which disallows you to copy characters from media which is an extreme stretch as I named myself after a plant. Obviously a name like Derth Verder or Walter Whit would definitely not be allowed, But I am a plant person named after a plant, and the fact that I cant even name myself after a plant because someone in media was named after it first is ridiculous, and feel unnecessarily power trippy for no reason. If you google Fern or Firn the first thing that shows up is a plant and a type of snow(Learned something new about snow so thanks for that I guess)

All I want is to be allowed to keep my name “Firn” 




I’ve begun looking into this complaint. The ahelp occurred during Leviathan 43547


:outbox_tray: **01:22:13** **Gtheglorious:** As to not get mixed up potentially with rule 10, please extend your name to be at least one word longer next shift, thanks
:inbox_tray: **01:22:25** **Sailz:** oh sorry i didn’t realize 
:inbox_tray: **01:23:03** **Sailz:** wait what part of rule 10
:outbox_tray: **01:24:13** **Gtheglorious:** Names from media, as your name is only one word and a 4 letter one, it could be potentially mixed up to be refering to things and characters.
:inbox_tray: **01:24:41** **Sailz:** Im a plant person and named myself after a fern tree…i just used i isntead of e 
:inbox_tray: **01:25:19** **Sailz:** you cant name yourself after plants???
:outbox_tray: **01:27:10** **Gtheglorious:** Belive it or not there are some quite popular characters named Fern
:inbox_tray: **01:27:26** **Sailz:** with an I or E?
:inbox_tray: **01:27:53** **Sailz:** I really have to change my name?
:outbox_tray: **01:28:04** **Gtheglorious:** Just add a last name next shift
:inbox_tray: **01:29:47** **Sailz:** can i just add another I?? Im a plant person named after a plant
:inbox_tray: **01:32:39** **Sailz:** the first thing that comes up when you google "fern" is a plant and Im not even named "fern"

:stop_button: _**Post-round started**_

:inbox_tray: **Sailz:** If I dont change it are you gonna ban me?

The complaint is accepted, but no investigation was completed to determine if the subject was at fault.


  1. Gtheglorious was a trialmin at the time of the complaint.
  2. By the conclusion of the complaint, and unrelated to it, Gtheglorious was no longer on the admin team.
  3. Due to finding 2, the investigation was not completed and so the subject of the complaint cannot be considered at fault in the incident.
  4. No note was left in relation to the incident.
  5. The name “Firn” is an appropriate name for a Diona on Wizard’s Den LRP servers under current rules.

Resulting Actions

  1. The admin team was made aware of the complaint as part of the trial review process.
  2. Gtheglorious was contacted about the complaint. Finding 3 is relevant.