Guavafighter - job ban for jailbreaking syndies as sec when not antag

SS14 account: guavafighter
Character name: Jacob Koskinen
Type of Ban: Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: No idea, I was never informed of the ban.
Reason for Ban: Supposedly jailbreaking syndicate members as security when I didn’t have a antagonist role.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Unsure what day the ban was, over the past 3-4 days I’ve tried to play sec and it didn’t let me choose it even though I had security officer unlocked. Today I asked a admin about why I was unable to, and he said that I’m either job banned or haven’t played for at least 5 hours (which I am sure I have). I know I’ve played at least 5 hours so I asked if he could check my job bans. He checks them, and tells me that I got job banned from security for jailbreaking syndicate members as security when I didn’t have a antagonist role. I know that this isn’t the case, as I have never encountered syndicate as a security officer. Now I’m here.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe that I should be able to come back as a security since this ban was false, with no evidence to support it (I assume). I don’t exactly bring much value to the community but I believe that I can provide value through being just a relatively good and honest individual to be around. I do believe this ban is false due to the evidence above and how I didn’t get a ban message or any knowledge about my ban. 
Anything else we should know: No.

Just some context for when this appeal is processed as I had a look to determine the state of the bans:

These bans were for most security roles and were issued on 08/23/2022 at around 2 AM or so and are permanent. Judging solely from the logs of that round, it seems you latejoined as a passenger and happened upon what I can only assume was the AFK or deceased detective with all of their gear, which you took and assumed the role of detective. You then spent a lot of time interacting with things in the brig and said very few things during that time, culminating into you releasing someone from the brig after mentioning to someone else that they were “probably a syndie”. You disconnected a bit after that.

This is merely context to save some searching.

So I’m assuming that the ban won’t be lifted?

Also curious as to if it’s a perm ban from sec or if I’ll be allowed back in eventually.

Do you have anything to say about that context, or should this appeal just be closed for the time being?

You can always come back and appeal this later.

I, if I did do what was explained, severely apologize, I understand that must’ve been pretty frustrating to the people I was with. I was, at the stated time, extremely new and unaware of a majority of the rules in-game, and I know I probably shouldn’t be doing jobs like security again. I do wish to go back on security, and do deeply apologize for my actions. If you decline this appeal, I would probably understand it.

Thank you.

So is the appeal being accepted or denied?

10 minutes ago, guavafighter said:

So is the appeal being accepted or denied?

It can be denied right now, if you want. Or you can wait for us to make a decision.

I’ll wait.

On 9/5/2022 at 10:06 AM, LordEclipse said:

It can be denied right now, if you want. Or you can wait for us to make a decision.

*cough cough*

Appeals can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to process. You are not the only one who is making an appeal, and in your case you’re not even fully banned from the game, only a few roles meaning quite frankly that a decision will be given when we are ready to give it.

If you cannot be patient with that in mind, then your appeal will be closed without review. 

Hey guavafighter,

Despite your impatience, I have reviewed the circumstances of your role ban. I think we can chalk this up to mostly a misunderstanding at this point. Staff consensus is to  accept this appeal  and your role bans should be lifted shortly. Have fun.

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