Guilletux, i've been banned from wizard den lizard for welderbombing

some months ago, i was banned, for welderbombing instead of disconnecting in proper fashon,i was also banned from being head or capitan because of murdering another head and perma killing (i tough the head of medicine was a sindie) among other things i did ,of course these bans are reasonable, and i cant argue about it, i gotta admit, im not proud of my crimes,and i also miss playing in this server, what im trying to say is, that im sorry to ruin the experience of other people, i waas driven by a thirst of blood i always liked the explosions, the dead clowns in the corridors, i miss drinking mopwater to see what effect i get (meth and blood most probably),again, im sorry, and i would like to play again in this server

Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:

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