Gus - Intentionally detonating a fuel tank literally zero reason

SS14 account username : gus
Ban reason : “intentionally detonating a fuel tank for literally zero reason” 
Date of ban : 9/3/2022 9:37 PM 
Length of ban : Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban : It was a while ago so If I recall correct l walked into maintenance tunnels next to security and blew up a fuel tank. Admin watched me throw my welder at it a few times before I just clicked on it.
Reason the ban should be removed : First and foremost I would like to take responsibility for my actions as I was wrong in doing what I did and I do truly feel bad for causing disruption on the server as I do enjoy playing the game as much as anyone else. I promise to be more mindful of the server rules while I’m playing and to abide to them strictly from here on out. It has been almost four months since the ban and really would like to get back into playing Space Station 14.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and for your consideration, hope you have a nice day.


This appeal has been accepted. Please do not do it again.

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