[Gwonk#2818] - [RCD'd Evac doors as CE]

SS14 account username: GwonkBro
Role(s): Chief Engineer
Date of ban: Sometime during January
Length of ban: Was not specified when I was banned
Events leading to the ban: Evac Shuttle was called and there was already heaps of Admemes happening, got to Evac and blocked two of the 4 entrances with an RCD wall, I was then contacted by an admin and given no chance to explain myself or apologise for my actions.
Reason the ban should be removed: I know now not to do that kind of stuff, I truly am sorry for my actions and it will not happen again. Plus CE is my favourite job

Why’d you block the entrances of the shuttle and is there anything else you wanted to explain when contacted by the admin?

I had RCD’d the doors because I thought it was funny, evidently it wasn’t and I was going to dismantle them right after. That is what I wanted to explain to the admin, before I could however I was teleported into the middle of a bunch of sec officers and had a big red KILL sign placed above me. I was then killed and banned from CE 

I had also thought that RCDing the doors would have been harmless as I intended to dismantle them right away after getting a bit of a reaction from some people

Admin consensus is to not accept this appeal. You’ve had very little playtime sine the roleban was applied. Typically admins are willing to lift rolebans when a player demonstrates an ability to play the game without issues for some time, so I’d recommend waiting until you’ve done that before appealing again. Regardless of playtime, you can make another appeal no sooner than 2 weeks from now.

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