Head of Personnel / Captain Promoting a new HoP

I’m specifically wondering about the way to choose a new HOP, I can certainly agree randomly picking the clown to be the HOP isn’t the best idea. However, lets throw some ideas out, how acceptable are these?

A. The HoP has a sudden IRL thing, they do their due diligence and Ahelp that they have to go, as well as informing command, would it be acceptable for them to say, promote a member of their department to Acting HoP, pending Captain’s approval?

B. Lets say the HoP has a bright-eye’d tider who wants to “learn to be a HoP” and spends the shift RPing with them and teaching them- oh no, the HOP has to go, once again assuming they’re ahelping and informing Command. Now then, the most logical choice (in my mind) is to promote their ‘assistant’ to be the Acting HoP. 

C. Lets go with this: No Captain, so the HoP assumes command as Acting Captain, now lets assume they want a new HoP, they hold a few interviews and let the tider or service worker with the ‘best’ interview have the job. 

I personally have become the HoP via all three of these means, and I hope they’re not _too _specific, but I saw someone get banned for promoting a replacement HoP (their appeal was poor so I’m unsure if it was due to promoting a replacement, or due to their suicide as HoP) And as I am someone who loves worming and getting promoted through roleplay, I would like extra knowledge so I can HOPEFULLY avoid getting either myself or anyone else in trouble with my shenanigans. 

Like many situations in ss14, it’s entirely dependent on how the round goes. Honestly, I’d say that all three of the options here are valid also long as you get A. admin permission and B. Cap’s decision. 9/10 your gonna get a head vote to see what you eventually do. Check out the recent role ban appeal made by StinkScare to see what not to do. ie don’t just say that the mime is hop and go ssd



Yeaah, I try to always do at least a cursory amount of paperwork for my shenanigans, thank you for the answer. I doubt most of the situations I’m in will get ahelps, but I try to send in a “Report” to CC via fax when I get REALLY weird promotions, informing them of the exact circumstances that justified my promotions. If its to a head due to SSD or something I’ll try to double check that I ahelp it be safe.

Promotions need to be considered with the well-being of the station in mind and how it affects the rest of the players. The person being promoted should at least:

  • shown some interest in doing the tasks demanded of the job (meaning they don’t just want the job for the perks it offers and not to actually perform it ex: grabbing extra access and never being heard from again)
  • shown to some degree to at least be somewhat competent or trustworthy (ex: not just picked at random from the first seen crewmember or picked just to be funny [clown])
  • Ideally, but not always, be from a member of the department you plan to promote them in control of (ex: a good place to look for a CMO replacement is medical doctors and chemists).

In the case of the HoP, the job’s position is unique and precarious because they have the ability to assign permissions to crew members which can heavily enable people to cause problems in other departments, especially if the HoP does not particularly care for performing due diligence and only seeks to please those asking for access.

To clarify, Heads of Staff who need to leave the game generally only need to notify admins via ahelp of such. It is nice if you do, but it is not required, for you to arrange for a promotion prior to leaving. Forcing players to arrange promotions would result in frequent ham-fisted promotions upon the first available person, which is what still happens sometimes.

The issue with the scenario in question was the crew member appeared to be randomly picked for funny factor and/or was being put into the position prior to any real need of the original player to leave. So as long as you follow the above three bulletpoints you’ll be fine.