[Healer_LFG] - [Killed half station while not a syndie]

Ban reason: “Killed half the station on miros round #38153 with TheGamerCraft16 while not a syndie and then went and tried to do a mass sabotage before the round ended.”
Length of ban: Permaban
Events leading to the ban: I have no idea what this is about, I never did anything like that, and I don’t even recognize “TheGamerCraft16”,  I usually play as “Strips-The-Copper”.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have no idea how this happened?  I never did anything like what the ban said.  I’m the only player on this PC as well.  I genuinely think this is some kind of mistake, though I’m sure you hear that a lot here.

Hello, it seems you were caught in the cross fire between bans for other people. Your ban will be lifted.

Your ban has been lifted, I’ll close the appeal once I update your notes with one saying the ban was for the wrong player

I was beaten to closing the appeal, but I did fix your notes to make it clear the ban shouldn’t be considered against you

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