hehLord - Griefing, continued use of bad character names

Ban reason: Griefing, continued use of bad character names
Length of ban: Appeal for removal
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as a Diona and had my name changed from a humorous and inoffensive human-sounding name to a more Diona-sounding name by an admin, who politely discussed it with me via adminhelp. A few hours later I changed my name to something that I thought was humorous and vaguely fit the form of Diona names (“X of Y”): J"im Davis Creator of Garfield". I believe this ban occurred after I signed off for the evening, since I don’t remember seeing any admin messages. If I missed any admin messages, my apologies. I started falling asleep at my desk, so I’m not exactly sure what happened. 

I don’t know what the griefing accusation is in reference to. I remember my last few rounds of the evening were fairly uneventful. The last round I remember, I set up both the atmos distro system and the TEG, and I’m not sure what else noteworthy happened. Earlier rounds included me as a syndicate operative failing to e-sword anyone to death since my hardsuit made me too slow for pursuit. I would like to know what I was accused of so that I can avoid doing it in the future. 

Reason the ban should be removed: I understand that name I had chosen isn’t a good fit for a RP server. Diona names should be more tree and nature themed. I’ve reviewed the server rules and will adhere to them more in the future. The name wasn’t offensive and a few other players reacted to it in a way that indicated they also thought it was funny. 

For the griefing accusation, I would need more information before I can fully defend myself. I don’t think I did anything intentionally, and I’m not sure how serious my actions were. I assume it’s a bit serious if it attracted the attention of admins. I don’t aim to ruin the experience of other players, so I am sorry if my actions made the game worse for anyone else. 

I would like to continue playing SS14 since it’s a great game and provides a lot of entertainment. I will adhere to the server rules to the best of my ability if I’m unbanned. I will keep my in-game names more appropriate for whatever I’m playing as. 

As an addendum, I’d like to mention that I’m sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused other players and that I will go out of my way to avoid inconveniencing or otherwise disrupting the gameplay experience of other players in the future if I’m unbanned. I will avoid whatever behavior or actions were considered griefing, and I’m sorry for any disruption I caused by committing these acts. I want other players to have enjoyable and interesting experiences with SS14 so that they continue playing. Empty servers aren’t fun servers. 

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your ban appeal has been accepted and the ban was lifted. apologies for delay and confusion during this move to the new forums. please remember going forward to use believable names in accordance to the rules as written

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