hehLord - Incorrect use of singularity generator

Ban reason: 11 minutes in and several accusations of releasing the singulo. Set immediately to Level III on console. Suspected griefer. If you believe this is incorrect you may appeal on the forums.
Length of ban: Permanent? Appeal-only reversal
Events leading to the ban: Started game as an engineer with maybe one or two other engineers visible at game start. I set up the singularity generator as I’ve successfully done before. Once the singularity was set up, other engineers appeared and complained that I had set it up. I was irradiated while turning on radiation collectors and I went to medbay, during this time the singularity broke containment away from the station’s center and disappeared. I was blamed by other engineers for the singularity getting loose. Not sure how the game mechanics work here, everything seemed fine. Apparently it was bad that I set the console to level 3 to start the engine. I thought higher levels meant faster singularity generation or more power generation. I don’t understand the game mechanics here, nor when it’s appropriate to use certain levels of the console output. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I would like to continue playing SS14. I will learn the game mechanics better in the future, and will ask more questions before doing things that may cause issues. I did not fully know the mechanics behind the singularity engine, and it seemed to be the main power source on that station map, so I may have set it up incorrectly. I did nothing intentional to release the singularity and I don’t know how to do so. Not sure if game logs will show how it was let loose, or if I was the only person to blame for this. If I am unbanned, I will avoid using the singularity engine.

I have reviewed the appeal and decided to accept it on this occasion as I checked with the banning admin and they misread your playtime, leading to the belief you could have been a raider.

Apologies for this mistake, we hope you will continue to play on Wizden servers, and I will be unbanning you with immediate effect.

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