Hoodthug1488- Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Hoodthug1488
Character name:  Vito Scalleta 

Type of Ban: GAME
Date of Ban and Duration: 11/8/2022
Reason for Ban: Slur?
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizards den
Your side of the story:  I said the Nword not hard R talking with a friend with no malicious  intent or meaning. He didnt get offended or anything but an admin overheard

 Why you think you should be unbanned:  i didn’t say it in a racist or derogatory way i used it as a greeting as im from the hood and thats how we talk. didnt know i would get perma baned for it or else i wouldnt have said it
Anything else we should know:  my bad

1 hour ago, hoodthug1488 said:

SS14 account: Hoodthug1488

we are not stupid

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