Hopsy Flopsy - Disconnecting at end of a round/pre-exploding round end

Hi yes hello,

Hope I have done this correctly, was a little disorientated on how to post!

Ban reason: “Banned for self-antag and two secondary counts of rdm to self antag - throwing two jugs of 200u water and potassium into evac shuttle bridge pre round end. Disconnecting before contact could be made. Appeal on forums.”

Length of ban: Says appeal.

Events leading to the ban: As far as i’s aware, round was about to end, I exploded myself which I guess counts as 1 rdm count, apart from that stayed the rest of the round which was about 2-3 minutes, then logged off for the night, which to my surprise warranted a ban instead of a talking too next time I’m online.

Reason the ban should be removed: I enjoy playing on the servers as the RP can genuinely be amazing, it’s a shame I hadn’t realised I’d caused a scene otherwise I’d have spoken to the admin on duty about the whole ordeal.

Thank you kindly,

Hopsy Flopsy


The round is not over until the shuttle docks with central command. Don’t break the rules before that as you have a high potential of ruining people’s objectives among other things. 

Our standard practice is to appeal-ban players who break significant rules and are not able to be talked to at the time of the offense. This facilitates ensuring the problem is address. Please refamiliarize yourself with the rules.


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