Hostage demands

The job/role of the hostage can be used to weigh the severity of the threat posed by the hostage situation. The credibility of any threat and ability to execute it should be considered.

Non-objectives may be traded so long as negative impacts to the station are considered. Antag objectives should be considered highly valuable, security and command should make strong efforts to avoid losing them. As long as those efforts are made and risks posed by trading them are considered, they can be used as part of negotiations. Security and command should make an effort to reclaim any lost antag objectives after negotiations.

The station may negotiate in bad faith if they feel it is the best option. Negotiations can be used to stall for security to prepare, or to attempt to trick the hostage taker.

Crew cannot perform antagonist activities, including stealing valuable items, as part of a hostage negotiation except as defined in

Living crew can sacrifice themselves as part of a trade, but the sacrificed crew member must choose to do so themselves. Members of command must consider the affect of their loss on the station if they want to sacrifice themselves. Dead crew can only be traded if loss of life is minimized, 2 bodies cannot be traded to save one crew member unless at least 1 of the 2 bodies is already unrecoverable for some reason. The station can refuse to trade living or dead crew.