Hostage Situations and cooperation with antagonists

I heard recently that heads were allowed to work with antagonists in extremely dire circumstances, but how does this apply to hostage situations?


For these thought experiments lets assume the threat can be carried out by the antagonist, and the crew knows this.

Let’s say John syndicate holds person A hostage, and threatens to kill them if the object x isn’t delivered to them.

Does the role of person A matter here? If person A is a captain are you allowed to give up a syndicate objective? What if person A is a different Head of staff? A security officer? A salvage specialist? A greytide? Does the role of this hostage determine what can and cannot be done in negotiation. Or what if the hostage is the station itself? They threaten to singuloose, or detonate c4 on every sunstation remotely. 

What about object X? Are Advanced magboots acceptable? What about a spare computer board that’s easily replaced? The hypospray? The nuke disk I imagine is always a no, so what about a dead body being object x? Say the hostage holder says “bring the dead body of object  x to me and I will release person a” then Does the role of those two determine if that deal is feasible? Can a greytide turn themselves over so captain is freed? Can a head sacrafice themselves for a different head? If so, what heads for who? Can heads sacrafice themselves If person A is not a head or a lower rank?

And lastly, negotiations breaking down. If the request is unable to be carried out, does the crew attempt to get the person back through force, at the person’s expense? Or the stations expense? If the threat is carried out, what then? Is a negotiater bringing a weapon at the risk of the threat being carried out allowed depending on the threat, or if the object x cannot be delivered? Is security obligated to comply depending on the threats severity?


Obviously humans are complex and actions in social situations cannot be pre determined. Obviously depending on thr RP level these would differentiate, but the maim question is, is crew every required to comply, and what situations can they not comply in? When is a ransom too large if ever, and is there any situations that anything can be exchanged? 


I ask because I have personally in a few rounds paid Ransome (not as a head and it was to pirates for a captain so I think I was justified) and I want to know if I ever find myself In a situation I can rp this without breaking rules.


Sorry for the lengthy post

Edit: if object x is a person, and they are unwilling to trade themselves, is it ever allowed to kill/cuff and then trade them? Does this depend on the threat?

Hopefully these answer all of your questions, if not let me know