How to properly learn this game as a complete beginner

I played SS13 a while back but only for a couple of days so I have basically no experience. I’m familiar with basic controls and stuff but I still don’t know how a lot of the jobs work. Whenever I try experimenting and learning stuff I end up getting arrested or killed by the security. Is there a way to get familiar with a particular job role without messing up an existing game? Is there like a test server that I can experiment with? Ty

Liltenhead on YouTube has a lot of great guides on the game, some things might be a bit out of date but a lot of them should be good. As for a test server there are some server hosting docs somewhere that you could probably find on google 

hope this helps

edit: here’s the link to the hosting doc

I second that Liltenhead’s videos are probably your best bet. The game changes a lot though.

If you’re not in the mood for running a local server, I notice that right now there are 11 empty servers, all English, all vanilla or close to vanilla (and probably up to date). You can join one of those and use the sandbox mode to try things out.

It is unlikely that someone will join only to spawn a singulo on your head.

learn via wiki or just ask people around to teach you.

Oh yeah! There are even senior engineers/officers/scientists/doctors. Those are teaching roles, and if you see someone with that role, you can count on them for teaching.

Outside senior roles, other players can teach as well. Some enjoy teaching, some don’t, some will just be distracted or busy.

Yep, if you want to know some stuff about atmospherics, check out my profile or just message me

Oh, the guidebook! Press numpad 0 or use the Esc menu to access it. It’s been getting more complete, and it should give you, at least, a good idea of what most jobs (every job?) play like.