I cannot see who banned me - Ban Appeal - Immio

SS14 account: Immio

Character name: No clue, it was months ago.
When was the ban: Somewhere mid 2021

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den Lizard, I think

Your side of the story: I was pissed off that the admins where doing nothing about people over pressurising the station, and consequently self-antagging. This was not something that happend one day, this happend for weeks and they just told me that having the station over pressurised every round was part of the game, while people clearly did not like it! The people playing traitors even said they where not doing it, then I do belief them for their word. This went against the rule of decency that the server has when you load in, which was even more infuriating. So I started reciting two pack to show my disdain of their lack of enforcement, which had the nword in it. The ban was fair and I did not bother appealing until people told me that the game had gotten better and the admins where enforcing more often on the field of people not making the game fun.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not plan to repeat this behaviour. Since the game does not have the same issues anymore I do not have a reason to repeat myself. I always try to make the game as fun as possible for everyone. Roleplay accordingly to which role I choose. I do not powerplay and try to change my playstyle constantly so people do not get the same person five times in a row. Plus I try to teach new players whenever I can.

Ok, so you caused me, the lone admin at the time, shit because I couldn’t handle all the players alone.

Why’s that OK exactly?

I did not know you where the only one, so that is hard. But it was pretty ridiculous that every round there would be overpressurization after a couple minutes. As I stated, this was not something that happend one day, this happend for weeks. Someone was breaking the rules, as I doubt it could have been more then a handfull of people, and nothing was being done to stop them.

It got very annoying, so I showed my disapproval of how the rounds where being run. If you still have a similar issue I would not mind applying to be an admin, one person cannot be online all day.

You decided to protest the poor admin activity by saying a racial slur? If that’s your reaction to there not being enough volunteer admins on your space roleplay game then I think you need to find a different space roleplay game.

Appeal denied. I appreciate the laugh.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals