I was banned from command

I was banned from command dont know how long because the admins didint told me, his reason were i was letting someone have a ceberus also because i had a syndie soap that i got froma tree i want some explanations please.
I dont know the real reason why im banned
i dont know how long it its
the admins didint said anything about a ban i think thats admin abuse





Hello Axtiiii,

as to your request for additional information, the reason for the ban can be summarized as “Being friendly to a Cerberus as HoP, carrying Syndicate soap gotten from the Christmas tree.” - At the moment, we are running a vote for this appeal. Thank you for your patience as we handle this.

Alright, we will be closing this appeal on the grounds that the role ban is actually over now, but I’ll be removing this from your admin remarks due to most admins deeming this too excessive. Thank you for your patience!

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