I was banned When I 1st get the game

SS14 account: cliffy
Character name:  i dont know it was a long time ago
Type of Ban: game ban 
Date of Ban and Duration: i have no clue when the ban happend
Reason for Ban: racial slur saying the nword 
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard den US WEST
Your side of the story: ok from what i remember i didn’t know the rules and a i was a dumb ass 15 year old kid that thought i was high and mighty i dont think that now and i should not say shit that offend people i see how hurtful that was and if i get unbanned it wont happen again
Why you think you should be unbanned: i neglected to read the rules and that is my fault and wont happen again i was also very new to the game and i know that it doesent give me the right to say those thing but i have grown and developed and realized that those type of things do fuck with people and hurts em i also bring back the consistent play and understanding of other players
Anything else we should know: i am really sorry for what i did im sorry i was saying things like that i don’t know how to show that im so sorry

From: Cliffy

The account you are attempting to appeal on is an alternate account you attempted to evade on. Appeal with the account that was originally banned.

I don’t appreciate you attempting to circumvent your appeal by messaging me.


You were banned on January 16th for racial slurs under the username “mexicangrootjr”. You have attempted to connect to our servers four times as Cliffy since then, and twice as mexicangrootjr. You attempted to connect from both accounts within 5 minutes of each other in April, when you made your last appeal.

If you are not mexicangrootjr, then there’s quite a few problems with this appeal beyond that- being that you listed a server, you listed that you were using a character name (albeit one you did not remember), and you listed that you broke several rules.

Cliffy has never successfully connected to the wizard den servers. You have blatantly lied.

This appeal is denied. You may appeal it in 2023 only with a voucher of good behavior from an SS13 or other SS14 server  on your original account. Not Cliffy.

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