I was banned

SS14 account username: CHRBRGAR

Ban reason: aparattley I said a slur I don’t remember that I would have said but if I had said I’m very sorry and I helped a chef to kill the ce  and apparently sabotaged AME I’m very sorry

Date of ban: I think it was few months ago or a year

Length of ban: forever until appealed

Events leading to the ban: I was talking with the chef and we were mad about some people killing us and we wanted revenge then he was following me around we didn’t find him then he started killing someone randomly that I DIDINT know or we weren’t suppose to kill then we were talking for a bit then a admin or someone came told I helped to kill sabotaged and apparently said slurs well then I got banned

Reason the ban should be removed:I’m vet sorry but I say I didn’t help him to kill the guy and I don’t remember sabotaging the AME and I never said a slur in my rememberence I’m very sorry if I caused any harm to others or anything I’m very sorry lizard us west I’m my favourite server please give me a another chance I’m sorry I’ll never do anything like that again and lizard was the only server I played please give another chance Thank you for readin this.

To clarify this, “Chief_Engineer” is the screen name of our administrator who handled this ahelp and had nothing to do with the actual player playing the role of the same name in game. This was the ahelp relay that led to your ban:



I find your insistence that your blatant self-antagonism is not against the rules worrying. I also find you accumulating six notes in five days of playtime also worrying. These notes range from “harassing the bar repeatedly by breaking glasses” to “remembering past lives as a cleaningbot and trying to metagrudge other players”, to “throwing bottles in the bar as a detective, then coming back to shoot at them”.

You’ve also attempted to evade this ban under the username “kays”, on March 31st, 2023, so this ban is not appealable until October 1st, 2023, and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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