I was stupid

ss14 Account:Zazaa    Discord:Zauberhur3#3897

Ban reason:Racial slur 43723

Lenght of ban: permanent

Events that leading to the ban:

The ban was executed as I was offline. I wrote the n-word in chat while being an animal but it wasn’t visible due to the conversion to “animal speak”.
Reason the ban should be removed: I didn’t think much about it since everything I said was converted because of my role as an animal and nobody could see it. I am of course sorry for doing that, it was childish and dumb but no other player could have seen it and I didn’t intend to do any harm to anyone. I am very sorry and it most certainly won’t happen again :frowning:

Reason the ban should removed: i thought  nobody can see it , but there is no excuse for such a stupid behavior . im really sorry for what i did . pls dear ss14 team im  very sorry it wont happen again , i love this game

I hope I get unbanned 



This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 1 week.

We have very strict rules on slurs to keep the community open to all. Which are sometimes analyzed and captured in a automated way, so keep that in mind if you are speaking as animal or alone. Hence why the zero tolerance policy.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Any future zero tolerance breaches will be view much more harshly.
  • Not that you are going to have more appeals with this second chance to be a model citizen but don’t shitpost your own appeals in future, you aren’t doing any favors shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Just because a tree falls in the woods and nobody was around to hear it does not mean that the tree did not fall down.

Appeal accepted - Ban reduced to 1 week and lifted.

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