Idea for a unique HoS item: Holographic Handcuff Projector

Like, there has been some talk about wanting HoS to have some unique equipment, but a lot of the ideas are just kind of powercreep weapons. Right now HoS already has the best weapon of the game round start so they don’t really need something like that. So my idea is a unique cuffing item, the holographic handcuff projector.

This is a charge operated device with enough charges to project three cuffs. It can project cuffs onto someone from three tiles away, but otherwise cuffing acts the same as regular cuffs. It can be projected as long as there is vision, so through windoors and things like that. Holographic cuffs cannot be self-uncuffed, but they can be disabled by the cuff destroying implant -and- the EMP implant. Also, if HoS moves beyond 6 tiles away from the person cuffed, they will immediately dissipate. Hitting interact will immediately dissipate the cuffs as well.

This fills a niche of dealing with hard to deal with prisoners who like to run and escape the moment windoors are opened, and is also an interesting and unique item for antags to steal. It is also very strong against non-antags as their only option is to run far enough to dissipate them. It isn’t straight up better than regular cuffs, but has different strengths and weaknesses.

Just gonna say that HOS does not in fact start with “the best weapon in the game.” There are much better weapons than the WT out there…

I mean, the better weapon is the stun prod, as its the best melee weapon in the game, which they also start with. Arguably though, for most players, the WT550 will be just because wielding is a pain and it doesn’t need to be wielded, and the gun was overtuned with buffs previous to that. It also looks drippy as hell. At least one of those needs to be fixed to nerf it, but that is a completely different topic unrelated to this. Maybe give its sprite clown colors or something.