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Ban reason: “29110: Calling someone a zoophile. As HoS, ordering sec to shoot every engi, KOS any atmos, and KOS the CE.”
Length of ban: Perma
Events leading to the ban: Well, first thing I want to mention is that correct ban reason is "Insulting confirmed syndicate agent, asking sec to KOS all of engi and AOS CE. I’ll explain “zoophile” first.

At some point (when everything was okay) HoP’s corgi was stolen. Me and Detective started solving this case. After like 10 minutes corgi was found alive. And between it’s dissapperance and appearance secoff said in radio that Tyrone Williams is a confirmed syndicate (he had syndie gear). Me and 2 secoffs went to engi and asked CE to give us Tyrone, He refused and tried to close us in atmos, then he said that he will kill us all or something like that, but it wasn’t normal and we should’ve arrested him too. But after some time, he let us go and we took Tyrone with us. In brig, I took syndie to interrogation room, and in that same room I mentioned corgi disappearence and appearance, and said that he’s zoophile, because he was obviously a syndie. He started insulting all of sec, literally crying, I told him multiple times to stop it, tho it wouldnt help. I searched him, but he hid his syndie stuff somewhere else. Then I let him go. 

Now I’ll say something to get some things clear: 1. I was Warden, but HoS went SSD and I had to become a new one. I never played HoS before so I didn’t really knew what to do. 
2. CE was acting stupid. He knew that most of his employees are syndies, but still defended them.

Now about “as hos, ordering sec to shoot every engi, kos any atmos, and kos the ce.” At first, I never told anyone to KOS the CE, only arrest him. Now, why I ordered sec to do this. all of sec knew that many engies and atmoses are syndies, so we came to arrest some. When we did it CE blocked us and said the he will kill us with plasma or something. After some time had passed, plasma flood near sec happened. Things were obvious, and all came to engi to arrest tyrone, some other engi and CE. We never killed anyone. As I remember, we haven’t found tyrone and his friend, but found CE, We brought him to brig, but at the middle point we were shooted by (again) Tyrone and his friend. Most of sec were killed, CE tried to ran away, and some other engi brought secoff to engi, so he can die. In between of those events I asked many engies about syndie stuff. Everyone told that “that other engi is a syndie, but not me”. Round was very chaotic, and I couldn’t tell anything 100% sure. So “ordering sec to kos every engi” is incorrect, because we only killed tyrone, 100% syndie, who was wearing a lightsaber and tried to kill most of sec.

Reason the ban should be removed: I only called syndie a zoophile and then killed him after he tried to kill us all. (Weirdly, but when i only wore a syndie bag as secoff (warden let me to do so), centcomm told station crew to kos me :smiley:

Just because the player was suspected of being an agent doesn’t make calling them a zoophile any better. That entire thread of reasoning is a moot point.

You are splitting hairs over exactly how many people you told your department to kill. While I don’t doubt the situation was chaotic, telling your department to murder anyone in another department only inflames the situation worse as you’ll both have innocents trying to defend themselves against security killing them and the rest of the crew wondering why security is killing an entire department.

As Security, your job is to arrest people. You use lethal force as a last resort. “The CE acting dumb” doesn’t suddenly clear you to use lethal force against him or the people in his department, even if you think (as you hadn’t presented any evidence other than suspicions) “most of his employees are syndies”. 

This entire situation reeks of valid hunting and over escalation to me and the way it is written leads me to believe you don’t really think you did anything wrong.

23 hours ago, lonesoldier55 said:

leads me to believe you don’t really think you did anything wrong.

Well, I already told that I only killed Tyrone and arrested CE, yes I asked security to kill all of engi, but none of them were (except 1 syndie I already mentioned) killed because when we got to engi I told security to not shoot anybody. And the reason I ordered this mass-KOS is that almost all of us could’ve died (plasma flood 5 meters away from security). The only reason we lived is that atmos wasn’t that good. So yeah, I had a good reason to order KOS on all atmos at least (Tyrone was a confirmed syndicate, as it’s written already in the first post)

Btw, “The CE acting dumb” is something you made up. He wasn’t just acting dumb, he was defending confirmed syndicate and saying us that he will kill us, not letting us go and insulting security

Just because nobody died doesn’t mean you absolve yourself of responsibility for ordering it.

“The CE was acting dumb” was apparently a misquotation by me, since you said in your initial post “The CE was acting stupid”. My mistake, but not something I made up. The CE acting stupid or not, or a plasmaflood (which might not have even been engineering’s/atmos’ fault) does not justify you giving out an order to hunt all of engineering and kill them.

You never confirmed your suspect as a syndicate either. You had a hearsay report from another officer that they were carrying syndicate gear and may have been involved in a “disappearance and reappearance” of Ian. You then failed to find any of the supposed gear on him nor did you prove any factors indicating his involvement in the alleged activity. OOC and ahelp from that round in fact states he was apparently arrested almost six times and yet you continually failed to find anything on him or let him go.

On 8/2/2023 at 12:20 AM, lonesoldier55 said:

OOC and ahelp from that round in fact states he was apparently arrested almost six times and yet you continually failed to find anything on him or let him go.

He was arrested 2 times, one is because of my order.

We arrested him because he was a confirmed syndie, he had syndie gear. I had no reason to not believe secoff. And at the end he proved that he is a syndie. 

Anyways, I don’t see you understanding me, so goodbye

I’ll reiterate not for you, but for anyone else reading, that just because someone else reported that someone had syndicate gear does not make them a “confirmed syndie” and saying that he retroactively proved it later doesn’t justify it either. I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how police work is conducted.

Denied. Appeal again if you want later, but I can’t see this being accepted with anything but an appeal only security roleban at minimum.

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