In-Round Rule Advice from Players

While some players indirectly references rules in an IC friendly way, saying things like “Central Command wouldn’t like that” or “the gods don’t like it when people randomly kill people”, direct references to the rules “rdm is against the rules” in IC channels is itself against the rules and should be ahelped. Players are encouraged, but not required, to respond to things like this IC, which typically means acting like the person talking about rules is delusional.

Players are not admins. Even admins who are playing in the round should be treated like any other player. If a player uses an OOC channel, like LOOC, to say you broke a rule, you’re not required to listen to them. There are many options for how you can deal with this, including suggesting the player ahelp if they think you’re breaking a rule, ahelping yourself, ignoring the OOC messages, or attempting to verify that you haven’t broken a rule by re-reading the relevant section. You can also choose to try to explain why you believe you’re not breaking a rule, but are encouraged to avoid getting into an argument about it with the player, especially during a round.

A player having told you that something is against the rules isn’t sufficient to expect you to believe that it is against the rules. This means that even if you’re unsure, it’s appropriate to do something like continue to brig someone who is telling you in LOOC that you’re breaking a rule. If you are unsure if you’re violating a rule, you should attempt to check, and can choose to tell the player in LOOC that you’re going to check.

Admins will generally only take actions beyond a warning in the most extreme cases if another player has threatened to get you banned. If you’re ever contacted by an admin after a player threatened admin action, you shouldn’t expect no admin action, but you’re encouraged to bring it to the attention of the admin.