IntoxicatedDog - R-word Ban

Ban reason: “In a previous round, you used the term ‘R*tard’. You have been warned AND banned for this exact issue previously. We consider it to be a slur, and using slurs is against the rules”
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: 
Regarding the first warning/ban:
I was under the impression that I was only warned for this the first time, but I may have had a short duration ban that I didn’t even notice, all I remember seeing was the mod message at the top of my chat when I would join. I do not recall the context of me using the slur the first time, it likely wasn’t a serious situation but I most likely used it as an insult. I think this was roughly a month ago and probably ~80 hrs of playtime ago as well when I was newer to the server.

Regarding the current ban:
I don’t recall exactly when I used the slur against someone but if I had to guess it was in an argument that I started with the Captain ‘Ono-Kondo’ while I was HoP. I asked why they didn’t use their radio much at the end of round and genuinely asked if they were mute (there had been a few mute characters that round). They, probably rightfully, interpreted my comment as an insult and said something back to me. In our exchange this is likely where I used the slur as an insult back to them. I don’t recall the exact moment, but it most certainly wasn’t nice. If I used the slur outside of the aforementioned context, then I might need a reminder, because I don’t remember another time where I would have used the slur. This round was about 0200 EST on Leviathan (East Coast), I believe an admin or three made themselves gingerbread men for the round.

Reason the ban should be removed: 
Truthfully, this is a word in my vocabulary outside of the game I have been trying to say less. I understand many people, including WizDen, consider it a slur. While it seems easy to use as an insult, I should have had an understanding due to my previous warning not to use it again. I don’t particularly have an ‘excuse’ for using it, especially as an insult to someone else, even in an argument. If the ban is upheld per the WizDen policy for using slurs, then I understand, I will not pretend I didn’t use the word in the first and second instances and I’m able to admit when I’m wrong. My only appeal is that I do love the game, evidenced by about 150 hrs in ss14 since around Thanksgiving, I believe I’ve provided positive RP in the server outside of the slur usage, and if I am given another chance I will use it to the best of my ability. I have almost 30 hours in Frontier and only about 6 in DeltaV with no warnings, so at least I don’t feel like I exhibit this pattern of behavior in other places or frequently.

Thanks for your time.

Adding in the Ban Message exactly just in case.


You were warned the first time on 2023-12-06

You were later banned the first time on 2023-12-18 This was a three day ban, you have no hits for this ban which tells us you did not attempt to log in whilst you were banned. 

This time you were banned 2024-01-16
from this we can see you were initially warned, Served one ban for this exact reason, and have yet again been banned.

I will be placing this to a vote amongst the administration. 

We will return with a verdict in the coming days. 

Thank you for letting me know, I was unaware of the 12-18 ban, and I did not login as I was gone for the holidays after that day. Again, won’t deny using the word, as I have clearly in the past, just wasn’t aware of a ban that I had for it.

Apologize for the repeated offense and use of the word.

I placed this appeal to a vote amongst the Administration Team.

The administration team has decided that your appeal is genuine enough to warrant another chance, You have shown genuine remorse and understand the seriousness of your actions.

Our consensus is to Accept this appeal. 

You should be Painfully aware however, You are on thin ice. 
Three times being caught out for the same thing shows us a patern, one you must not repeat

There will not be any hope of a future appeal for this passing, do not dissapoint us

Appeal accepted, Your ban has been lifted effective immediately

From Accepted to Ban Appeals