[IrinaLuminesk] - [ called someone a ligger ]

Rule 2, no hate speech
only be removed via appeal
I was exploring the map and encountered two players in the security area – a human musician and a lizard botanist – engaged in a heated argument. The musician used an offensive term, which I repeated to the botanist to address its inappropriateness, as I was role-playing my character. My intent was to express shock and to underline that such language was offensive to the lizard race, not to perpetuate hate speech. I interacted briefly with the botanist and the other engineer, all of whom responded in angrily in an RP manner. After leaving the area and returning to med, I then found out I was banned.

I sincerely apologize if my actions caused any distress, as it was not my intention to be offensive or propagate hate. I was merely repeating the term to highlight its offensiveness in the context of the role-play. The interaction seemed mutual and in character, with no one exhibiting signs of discomfort. This is my first ban from the server, and I assure you I have thoroughly reviewed the rules to ensure such an incident does not reoccur. I hope for a reconsideration of the ban, given the lack of malicious intent and the accidental nature of the situation.

I’ve reviewed the logs in question and can see it matches up with this series of events, in future if other players are saying slurs or other zero tolerance breaches don’t fall down the well with them just aHelp it. It does seem like this other one was the source for it and will be dealt with.
Appeal accepted - I’ve removed the ban now.

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