Is it okay to request or suggest ghost roles in Ahelp?

Often times a game can get really boring or old if nothing happens for long enough, and the admin is usually busy dealing with other things in the game.

Is it okay to request or suggest a ghost role like Wizard or Ninja in Ahelp if the game gets collectively boring for most of the crew?

It’s usually just ignored.

The server rule “Do not abuse/ignore the admin-help relay” explicitly lists requesting events as something you shouldn’t use ahelp for:


Do not use it as a chatroom, to request events, to see if any admins are online, or to request things in-character (use prayers instead).

At best, it’ll be ignored like Whisper said, or at worst you’ll receive a warning for misusing ahelp, assuming you’ve had no earlier warnings.

Acceptable ways to request admin intervention are through prayers, red phones, faxes to centcom, and dead chat, though players should use caution when using any of the in-character methods as admins are generally free to pick options outside of accepting or ignoring the request.