Is Jesus and God canon in SS14?

I want to know so I can avoid getting in trouble with the Admins for stuff that just doesn’t match up with ingame 

God or God’s are often refrerred for “Admins”.

Like you suddenly get teleported from Space into the skip, items spawn near you, someone just explodes its often that the player say: “I think God [<–Admin] just saved me.” “He must have angered the God’s” etc.


But if you play Chaplain you can make your own Religion, or use a real one.

Since the Bibel is in the game, which has healing powers and you can pray to God [Admin] with it, im 100% sure it’s not a problem to use Jesus and God for your roleplay.


Even if you play anything else, you always allowed to come to the chaplain and join there Cult or whatever they come up with, or belive in your own religion.

 If you start your own Cult, like a Deathcult which want to sacrifice People to they’re great Bloodgod, make sure to use the “Pray” or “Ahelp” and ask a Admin first, since it would be self-antag in the first place.

to expand on last bit you need confirmation via bwoink or subtle message, nobody telling you to stop doesnt mean you can do it (admins arent online 24/7)