Isacsoyo - rebellion

SS14 account username: Isacsoyo
Role(s): All cargo roles.
Date of ban: 17/07/23
Length of ban: Just says im banned from this job.

Events leading to the ban: So esentially the game was going rather normally up to the hour mark (or more but i cant remember) and i was extremely bored due to almost nothing happening and almost no one was coming to cargo for anything and all salv spots were taken, not only that there were around 30 to 40 players online (it was 2 or 3 in the morning in my time) and i was very VERY tired, now at the time someone from cargo (probably QM) ordered guns and i didnt know what to make of it other that a rebellion was gonna happen, now normally if the server was more populated i wouldnt have joined the rebellion but i was bored, nothing was happening, almost all of cargo was onboard and tiredness clouded my judgement (also the fact that nearly no one was asking anything from cargo), so obviously things go down and we get killed round ends (and i found out that the QM was a syndie or something like that i cant remember) i then get messaged by admin they ask me a few questions but at that point i was just exhausted and i wanted to leave so they ask me 2 questions (i believe) and since they were taking a long time to reply back or ask more questions (probably messaging other cargo members) i decide to leave thinking that if i get in trouble i get in trouble take the ban and everything goes as normal but after the ban passes i log on but didnt expect to be banned from all cargo jobs.

Reason the ban should be removed: Now i understand that rebellions were against the rules but i didnt think i would get in trouble for doing it because that rule is designed to stop majorly disruptive behaviour from happening but almost no one was asking anything from cargo so i didnt think the rule would apply here, (obviously i was proven wrong) now under any other normal circumstances i would not do things like this and as i mentioned before, server was very empty and nothing was happening, aswell as some people saying in OOC after end of round that it was much needed to make the round interesting, obviously when the round ended and the admin messaged me i knew i was in trouble but at that point i just said “eh whatever ill take the temp ban” and left to go to bed, and indeed when i woke up and tried to join the server i was temp banned till sometime later today and when i could join i realized i was job banned wich i thought was a bit excesive because this was my first time doing something like this and under the previously stated circumstances i didint think i would get in trouble let alone job banned but now i know not to do something like this again and i just want to be unbanned from cargo roles.

(Sorry for gramatical errors english is not my first language)

Starting and/or participating in a department-wide rebellion is almost by its very definition “majorly disruptive”. Your role bans expire in a week (on July 24th, 2023, at about 5 AM Eastern Time) and are from Cargo Technician, Salvage Specialist, and Quartermaster. Seeing as you are accepting of the temporary ban and do not dispute the facts of what caused this ban to be, you can wait the remainder of it out.

Denied. Be aware that attempting to work in capacity of the roles you are banned from or otherwise circumvent the rolebans put in place will likely result in an appeal-only game ban.

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