Jack_Rustock - Plasma flood, having syndie items not as a syndie. Doing sec's job for them. (All as a CE)

Length of ban: Indefinite

Events leading to the ban: My first warning was when I flooded the station with plasma during “meme ops” (Nukie ops). I said to flood the station and then I was demoted for the round and: Central Comand. scolded me for flooding it (I dont remember the convo). The second warning was when I asked for a holo and I got one for my CE boots. Then I was scolded by: Central command (The grinch). For injecting it and useing when I should’ve gave it to sec. My real ban was when I asked for a Emag. Also I was going: “Syndie huntin” by using that want of a Emag. Sec gave me an AK-47 with alot of ammo. Then I explained my plan to: Central Command (The grinch). That it was a trap. Then recommended for me to play sec and not CE for doing “Syndie huntin’”. After that he told me to read rule 19 (Centcom roles are at a higher standart of roleplay). Most of these actions were influenced by my boredom and i have been very bored since the ban. (Sorry for my bad grammar I am not a native speaker or typer)

Reason the ban should be removed: I want to be unbanned. Because I have grown bored and I see this causing problems in the future for the ss14 community. I feel as if my ban was deserved (It was). But I want to not fuck up again. So i want a general role like the captain that can do everything and the HOP. So I would like to unbanned so I have a goal t work towards in a command role.

I will be putting your appeal to a vote amongst the administration team. 

You have a large number of notes regarding your recent behaviour and as such I find it difficult to justify making a decision on the outcome of this appeal as just one admin.

I will return with a verdict no later than Saturday 7th/1/2024. 

Your appeal has not given the admin team enough confidence to vote to remove the ban, as such the ban will remain in place and unchanged at this time. 

You may Re-appeal no sooner than two weeks from the time of this post. 19/1/2024. 

I suggest you come up with a more thought out appeal that does not ammount to a simple “I was bored and am now still bored” 

Appeal denied.

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