Jack_the_Jukebox - "Multiple and repeated issues with security play."

SS14 account username: Jack_the_Jukebox
Role(s): Security, Command
Date of ban: 07/05/2023
Length of ban: Perma/Appealable
Events leading to the ban: As a Security Officer during a round on Kettle, on (i think) lizard, I had found a total of 12 space carp and put them all in a box in the court, surrounded by reinforced glass. This glass was then deconstructed by a greytider I was telling not to. I also attempted to bring the carp onto evac but missed it, was hypopenned with nocturine in medbay, and then released the carp to defend myself when I woke up. I then mentioned it in the discord and it was investigated and I was then banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel this ban should be downgraded to at least 3 days or removed, as I am promising to behave better on the servers, and to focus more on roleplay rather than gameplay. This will likely not happen again, and I hold myself fully accountable for what happened, considering I had already been recently rolebanned.

I am going to formulate a bit of an opinion on this one:

You’ve done your own notes request and you’ve seen the notes we have within the past month or two. Issues with you playing security are way too worryingly frequent for us to turn around and straight remove or make entirely temporary this ban. 

Even aside from the notes, this last issue has me scratching my head trying to decide what you thought to accomplish since it detracted extremely far from what Security does and ended up getting nearly a double-digit number of people killed. You used a captured uplink to put a bunch of carp in a public container which, surprise, someone busted open and the carp went on a rampage. There is no way I can think of to spin this where you weren’t just being a troublemaker and using the role to facilitate it.

I’ve personally warned you a month ago for walking the halls with boxes of flashbangs and just throwing them at random people, as security. That isn’t anywhere near the same magnitude as this last incident, but it illustrates you seem to have a habit of causing trouble then, and doing so now.

A “promise” to behave better on the servers seems kind of ill-fated if all the times we’ve talked to you before aren’t really getting through, and it only being “likely to not happen again” does not inspire confidence.

Denied due to inactivity, proximity of the ban, and significance of the offense/repeated issues. Appeal these bans in two weeks with a decent track record and we can see about dialing it back.

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