Jack_the_Jukebox - Self Antag / Cooperating with Antag

SS14 account username: Jack_The_Jukebox
Role(s): Head of Security
Date of ban: 2023-06-23
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: The round started as normal. I did my job as Head of Security. Later on, a guy walked up and wanted to speak to me in private. He told me he was a syndie, and he was mad some guy stole his tc, and he told me who. He also gave us the uplink code without being pushed to, and was overall cooperative with us. He acted as a double agent. Because of what he told us, we managed to kill the guy who stole 60tc in total who had a Bloodred Hardsuit and an L6 saw in security. Later, he asked me to stamp a paper giving him immunity to LIVE as a syndicate, but not do any objectives, do syndicate shit, etc. The heads has a discussion, and this was faxed to Centcom. Note that during this, at NO TIME was I informed that letting an Antag live as a double agent was against the rules. Centcom then declared I was guilty of “Treason” and was to be arrested. I cooperated the entire time, even helping dispose of 2 grenade penguins on the evac shuttle. Then when round ended, ERT killed everyone. I was then bwoinked and told it was against the rules and I would be getting a 3 day role ban because of this.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel this ban should be removed as I wasn’t properly informed it was against the rules, I never had any negative intentions, and it was just roleplay that HELPED THE CREW. Being punished for roleplay feels just so out of place in a game where your… Meant to roleplay. I never had to be rolebanned to be taught a lesson why it was against the rules. I NEVER helped the antag ONE BIT besides letting him just live. And apparently that warrants a roleban. I feel it should be reconsidered and that Rule 19 should get a bit of a rewrite to clarify these things more.

I would like to just confirm that there was indeed a syndie who stole all the TC from two other guys only to then get robusted by the very same HoS who created this thread.
It was me. Two random syndies I stumbled across for no reason trusted me with all their TC, I ran off with it and got myself a bunch of overpriced gear.

Just trying to confirm what led up to and how that antag even ended up without any TC.

sorry when i said wasnt “properly” informed i meant i wasnt informed period.

Hey Jack,

You have been personally involved in the “Rule 19 Discussion” thread on the discord so I think you already have an idea where we stand on this. We do agree that the ban was too much for what had actually transpired in this case and I think a mere warning probably would have sufficed given the totality of the circumstances. We’ll repeal this ban and won’t hold it against you.

This appeal is accepted.

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