Jack_The_Jukebox - "Threatened to fax WGW copypasta to CC"

Ban reason: Threatened to fax WGW copypasta to CC as nonantag senior officer
Length of ban: 1 day
Events leading to the ban: I was training cadets then zombies got called out, we armed, killed them. I had faxed CC for ERT / Nuke codes for some RP shit to happen, got faxed “skill issue”. I proceeded to fax CC “kill yourself” and got the same fax of skill issue. I then threatened to fax WGW to centcom, and received a fax saying to kill me for traitorous faxes, and then I was gibbed. When round ended around 20 minutes earlier I was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: Yes, I am of knowledge that the zero tolerence ERP rule exists. Yes, WGW is an ERP copypasta. I intended this fully as a joke between me and the admin due to it being a fax directly to an admin at CC, under belief this was essentially an AHelp, being only seen by the admin. I never intended it in a serious manner and I’m sorry if it was seen as so. I never even intended to send the WGW fax, period. I sincerely apologize and can assure that this will not happen again, and am hoping this can be forgiven.

close appeal please, ban is basically almost over

Closed upon the appellants request.

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