JackieC333 Ban Appeal... Again

SS14 account: JackieC333
Character name: Jam Marton
When was the ban: 3/8/22
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard.
Your side of the story: 
So I was playing chemist and I was testing out the effects of unstable mutagen and the effective dosage in order to kill a person. I started with afk players but then they all died out. Then, I used some active players. I know I probably shouldn’t do this without their consent but I’m really running out of test subjects. I know I didn’t mention this but this is what is going on. I should probably label the pills properly too. After feeding, I would always provide medical aid if they need it. I provided and crafted all kinds of drugs in case of any emergency and helped the medical staff when they need it. I provided antirads for every patient and revived those who died. After some time, my lunch period is over and I have to go back to class. This is the reason why I left. I forgot if I used /ghost before leaving since I don’t think I’ll be coming back. Before I left I don’t remember seeing ahelp in my screen. 

For the other part of my ban, I didn’t meant to be antisemitism but the traitor killed me and he had Goldberg in his name. I didn’t meant to call him a wealthy man bastard and I only insulted him because he killed me, not because his race or anything. I admit that I should have chosen another insult than that or just to keep my cool, but he killed me within five minutes of my arrival so it is a bit infuriating. I am terribly sorry if I offend Mr. Goldberg or anyone.  I will no longer insult anyone in infuriating situations.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I understand my actions have broken space law and I would like to face the consequences. However, I do not believe that my actions deserve a perma-ban. I would like to appeal for an unban. In return, I will promise to become a more competent chemist and provide proper medical help to all crewmates. Moreover, I will no longer continue my tests on unstable mutagen. I will not test of AFK crewmates anymore. I did my time (one week appeal) and I hope the admins will forgive my actions.




This is the CMO of the rounds you were playing, Clara Philips. I was present for most of your rounds as the Chemist before you logged off. 

Sorry if this is falls under peanut gallery or whatever it’s called, however!

As a chemist, you produced unlabeled pills on the counter next to labeled pills of “Bicaridine,” which led to several overdoses of what came in under the Toxin damages. Several people took these pills because they were so closely placed next to the Bicaridine and Dermaline pills that another chemist alongside you were making, their in-game name being “Muffin,” who I instructed later on once we started recognizing the poisoned patients coming along.

We tested all your pills that were labeled and yes, they were good chemicals without harmful components in it. The unlabeled pills were however full of several unknown chemicals at the time, at the time we assumed was poison. This only came after what you had said in-game, which is the following:


Here, you admitted to “trolling,” which lead me prior to start doing emergency tests with Muffin to find out which pills were unsafe, and we were ready to throw out all the medication that had been produced at all and produce low-tier band-aid for incoming hurt individuals. Prior to this, as well- was this comment from you as Jam Marton in which I was assassinated by Sigmund Goldberg with a silenced pistol where you were caught in the crossfire for witnessing the scene:



I did however check each and every pill with Muffin to do a diagnosis, and can say confidently that you did provide some basic medicine for treatment of other players, specifically anti-rad medication- although your placement of the unlabeled pills were way too close to actual medication and at the time it seemed like malicious intent. I can’t say much more than that without utmost confidence. You helped a few individuals that came in though, yes.


After discussion with the team we are going to deny this appeal.

Make another appeal in one week, specifically about the antisemitism part of your ban. There is a  BIG  difference between calling someone a “wealthy man bastard” and a “wealthy man bastard” and the fact that you substituted the term “wealthy man” for “wealthy man” in your appeal raised several eyebrows in internal discussion.

To be clear, despite the fact that I think you’re just lying about the reason why you left when I ahelped you, the only thing you should worry about with your next appeal is the antisemitism. I’m putting extra emphasis on this because you didn’t seem to think it was a big enough deal to include in your previous appeal.

EDIT: It turns out the forum automatically corrected the key words in your appeal that created an unfortunate narrative. I apologize for the confusion. We’re going to look into what happened. You have been unbanned. Don’t do it again.

Alright something is afoot here. “wealthy man” doesn’t seem to be going through

My mistake. I see what the forum does now.

You’ll be unbanned.

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