JackieC333 Ban Appeal

SS14 account: JackieC333

Character name: Jam Marton

When was the ban:  3/22/2022 6:50

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I got banned for an entire year for a joke. Literally. So, I was a chef for a round and one clown was griefing me a lot. He got into kitchen when we asked him to leave and we startedto attack him since we did ask him nicely at first. He ran away and we didn’t gave chase, since I beleive that he would not come back if he does not want some more beating. I, then, countinue my work as a chef. However, the clown shows up once again and put metal into my microwave, thus, blowing up my entire kitchen and causing structural damage. I believe that this would be considered greifing in Space Law so I decided to attack him. He jumped into the trashcan and ran away. I ask the bartender to find him in order to prevent him from causing my kitchen anymore damage. We walked down the hall to find the clown’s body. I finished him off, and the officers and other spectators all agreed that we should not clone him and instead spike him. However, I did not know that clowns cannot be spiked, which causes one annoying associate to show up and take the clown’s corpse to medbay and clone him. I followed him to medbay and they tripped me down and stole all of my belonging, including the PDA to allow me to countinue my work as a chef. I wrote to admin about this, but then he brushed it off as me being immature and a raging kid. I told him the clown’s actions would be consider cyberbullying (as a joke), and the admin responded with something like “what, are you 15 or something?” I did not understand if this is a joke or not, but decided to respond “yes” as a joke since I viewed this responce as not serious at all. Not five minutes later, the ban screens comes up for me being underage. This is simply not true and I believe that I should not be banned for joking about my age. I am currently 17 and turning 18 in April. I could provide proof in dms if the admins really need it. I believe the one year ban is simply too severe of a punishment for this. I hope this ban meant as a joke too, even though it is not a funny one.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I was simply doing my job. I admit I did use excessive force against the clown but I won’t anymore if I am unbanned. I would, instead, call security and let them do the same thing. Being a chef is hard, and trying to maintain calm under infurating plays is even harding. However, if the admins give me another chance to redeem myself, I will not let you guys down.

So to be perfectly clear, do not joke about your age. We pretty much simply have to take your word for it. It is a 1yr ban because we only allow players 16 and up.

Yes, I understand. However, it is quite unfair to ban me for something that I am not. I will not joke about my age for now on. I can provide proof that I am 17 if you really need it. The point is, I am not 15 and it would be nice if the admins decided to unban me. Sorry for the trouble.

I know I’m in no position to ask, but could the admins reach a decision about this appeal? It has been about a week since I have posted this. I understand the admins are very busy and didn’t mean to push you guys. Thank you for understanding!

Please DM Vera on discord to verify your age. 

Yeah I just did that.


After receiving age verification info on private, I can confirm that @JackieC333 is in fact above 16.
I will lift the ban now.

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