Jacksan - Meta-comms/Ban Evasion

Jacksan - Meta-comms/Ban Evasion


SS14 account: Jacksan
Character name: Mark the Hungry
Type of Ban: In Game
Date of Ban and Duration: Roughly two weeks ago
Reason for Ban: Meta-comms with Jeph Pezos
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I helped a friend I met through the game (Jeph Pezos) kill a clown and put him into the stew. This landed us in the perma-brig (understandable. I should not have helped kill the clown.) At some point, while I’m screwing around with the limited items in the perma-brig Jeph goes AFK. Don’t think anything of it and keep messing around with the crayons. Then I get a DM on discord from Jeph saying something along the lines of, “hey go ahead and kill me”, so I did. Not long after that I got a message from a mod asking if he said it was okay for me to do that, I said “yes”. Then they asked, “did he say that over discord”, and I said, “yes”. Then I got banned… I understand that meta-comming is bad and should be punished, but in the moment I was very upset over what happened. The ban message said the ban was indefinite and in my head for some reason there was no chance of me getting an appeal (even though in hindsight I likely would have), so I then did something stupid and attempted to make an alt account. I attempted to make a few alt accounts actually and although none of them worked, with each new alt that failed, my hopes for getting unbanned through an appeal diminished more and more. It’s been about a week since I’ve touched the game, and I have more or less accepted that I’ll never be able to play on Lizard again, but if you choose to allow me back on I promise it will never happen again.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I should get unbanned for couple of reasons. First, I believe a perma-ban over the initial situation was excessive. If it had been a month long ban or a week long ban, I don’t think I would have reacted the way I did. I’m a passionate person and I really love both this game and what it has the potential to be, so seeing that I could never play on the server again made me pretty upset and I over reacted by attempting to evade my ban. I’ve had some time to reflect since then and I now see that it was a really stupid thing to do and I definitely regret it. Attempted to evade a ban shows a lack of respect for the community and it’s rules, which I came to realize a few days ago and have since regretted my actions deeply. I think this community is great and I should have respected its rules from the start. If I were to be unbanned, I don’t think I would cause anymore trouble for anyone. I just want to watch this game as it evolves and grows.

Before I got banned, I normally just played as a chaplain, RPing as a Priest of Alzoreth, the wise snake god. When I do play more important roles, I always try my best to be a helpful and reliable crew member.

Anything else we should know: I swear on the good name of Alzoreth that I won’t cause anymore trouble for the mods if I am unbanned.

Our tolerance for ban evasion at Wizard’s Den is zero, similar to our tolerance for metacommunication. You don’t get to try and bypass your ban if you personally think it is unfair; that’s why the forums and appeals exist. Furthermore if we accepted this it sets a precedent that it is possible to get away with ban evading if you just say you’re sorry, which is not happening.

Looks like you tried to also make multiple alternate accounts even after I warned you in JephPezos’ appeal that I already saw your ban evasion attempt and not to appeal for six months until you had a voucher, so I can only presume you’re appealing now because your extra attempts at ban evasion were not successful. 

Now, again, do not appeal this ban before 04/28/2023 (six months after your most recent evasion attempt), and do not attempt to appeal it without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. Further attempts at ban evasion will make this unappealable. 

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